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How to Move WordPress Website to Another Hosting Server

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About two months ago, i have problem with the hosting server i use. Because i have an e-commerce website that have more than 2000 products, it seems have great impact on the hosting server. The result is, the hosting company blocked the access to my website. When i asked to the hosting company customer service, they said that my website has use a great amount of process that impact their CPU usage, so they must block the access to all my website. It’s pretty disappointing knowing that the problem comes only from one website, but the hosting company closed all my website. Because of this, i decide to move my website to new hosting server. Moving a website from one hosting server to another without changing its domain address is very easy. Today i will give you a step by step guide how to move a wordpress website to another hosting server.

hosting server

The main idea to move a wordpress website to another server is consist two important step which are :

– Move all files from old hosting server to new hosting server 

– Back-up wordpress database, and restore it in the new hosting server


Okay, to make it’s more easy to understand, below is the detail of several step you have to do :

1. Login to your old website hosting server CPanel

2. The first to do is move all files from your old hosting server to your computer. I recommend you to compress the files first, before you download it to your computer. If you have really large amount of files, i suggest you to compress it in several files.

3. To compress the files, just click on File Manager and click Ok






4. Click Select all to select all files in your website folder



5. Click Compress and wait until it finished.






6. Download the compressed file into your computer using File Manager or FTP

7. The next step is upload the file to new hosting server and extract it through File Manager on your new hosting server CPanel.


7. File copy process has finished. Now the next step is backup wordpress database and restore it in new hosting server.


8. Find the database you use for your website in the left column



To know what is the name of database for your website, just back to file manager and find wp-config.php in the folder of your website.


Right click on wp-config.php and click View.



In wp-config, you can check the database name in the beginning of the file, search for define(‘DB_NAME’ text and you will find your database name.


9. Back to your phpMyAdmin and  click the database name like what you see in wp-config. Click Export to start exporting database and download it to your computer.

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 11.09.18 AM

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 11.07.07 AM


10. A SQL file will be downloaded to your computer. Once it finished, you can now login to your new hosting server CPanel.

11. Click PhpMyAdmin in new hosting server CPanel.


12. Click Import.


13. After the import process finish, make sure to check wp-config.php in File Manager. Make sure to match the DB_NAME with database name you just import.

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