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How to Import your Facebook Friend Info into Mac OS X Address Book

Today is sunday. So, i am relaxing myself today. I done several things in my Mac OS X, i remove all unused application on my Dock, i change my wallpaper background, i arrange bookmarks in my Firefox and i open and check my Address Book. When i check my Address Book, it is completely a mess. Couple months ago, i synced my Address Book with Yahoo. I found a lot of name that are not standard. So today, i decide to delete all my contact in Address Book, except several people data that i manually input. And i suddenly thought that it might be better if I sync my Address Book with Facebook. So i googling about How to Sync Facebook Data with my Address Book. And i found this amazing tools on Google. It called AddressBookSync. This is a free software that created by Dan Auclair.





AddressBookSync is a free Mac OS X application to download profile pictures and other Facebook data to Address Book cards. This is a handy tool to keep your contacts’ pictures updated if you have numerous Facebook friends in your Mac OS X Address Book.

how to import facebook data into address book


  • Downloads the Facebook profile picture, birthday, and current location into Mac OS X Address Book for any matched contacts.
  • Crop/Scale tool to pick the best portion of your friend’s picture to use in Address Book.
  • Automatically finds matches between your Facebook friends and your Address Book contacts.
  • Handles name matching discrepancies for most common short/alternative first names.
  • Allows you to manually match any Facebook friends that were not automatically matched to contacts.
  • Ability to select which friends you want to be synchronized to the Address Book.
  • Ability to customize what data (picture, birthday, location) gets synchronized for each person.
  • Sparkle integration for automatic updates to the application.

addressbooksync import data

I have tried this software and the result is awesome. My Address Book filled with my Facebook friend data contact and all the name is standard. The amazing things is it also synchronize my friends profile pictures with Address Book. Unfortunately, it can synchronize phone numbers and email address as Facebook does not allow this by their Terms of Service.

address book

How to use the application is very easy. You just have to login into your Facebook account via the AddressBookSync and then the application will automatically import the Facebook Friend data into your Address Book. The software will automatically separate if there is existing contact in your Address Book. You can manually choose which data you want to insert to Address Book.

If you interesting to use this product just visit AddressBookSync official website by following this link.

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