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How to enable Video Webcam on Parallel Desktop Windows in Macbook

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One of weakness from Parallel Desktop compared to the other multi operating system software in Mac (VMWare, Bootcamp, etc) is the lack of driver support. I experienced this discomfort when i am studying chinese in Tianjin, China. Because i must use Windows to connect the internet in Tianjin, so i must use a lot of internet software for Windows too. When i use Skype to make a phone call to my mother, i just found out that the video webcam doesn’t work. I only can speak to my mom but can’t see the video. To fix this, i already googled several website and finally find the solution.

Macbook iSight

Below are step by step to fix this problem :
1. Open Your Parallel Desktop. Run the Windows until you enter the Windows Desktop.
2. Click Devices>USB>Apple Built-in iSight from the menu
Apple iSight in Parallel Desktop
3. Then your Windows will recognize a new device, but it will fail to installed correctly.
4. Download the Apple Built-in iSight for Windows Driver here.
5. After that enter your Control Panel and choose Hardware and Sound. Then click Device Manager. You will see there is uninstalled item in Other Devices.

Device Manager iSight
6. Right click on that item and click Update Driver Software
7. Choose Browse my computer for driver software
Apple iSight Install
8. Select the driver where you save the downloaded file.
9. Follow the instruction until the installation finished.
10. Your video webcam in Windows is ready to use

Note : If you want to use the video webcam in Mac again, you can click again in the menu Devices>USB>Apple Built-in iSight


Setting Video Webcam for Skype

For you who want to use Skype, don’t forget to change the setting like below :

1. Open Skype in your Windows.
2. Click Tools>Options
Skype Setting Video
3. Click Video Setting. And choose Apple Built-in iSight in select webcam.

4. Your Webcam is ready to use in Skype

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  1. max
    September 16th, 2012 at 01:22 | #1

    I’m running mac with windows 7 and I can’t find parallel desktop….plz help me

  2. September 18th, 2012 at 10:37 | #2

    do you mean that you can’t find your parallel desktop shortcut on your Dock or what?

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