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How to Create Custom Emoticon for Adium Messenger (Mac)

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One of reason why i love Mac OS X so much is because there is Adium as my primary messenger software. Adium Messenger support multiple account including MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AOL Messenger, ICQ, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, etc. So what you need to do is just open Adium, and your messenger account are all online. Only Skype account doesn’t supported by Adium. One of advantage of Adium Messenger compared to many messenger software is it is very customizable. You can change your Dock Icons, Contact List Styles, Emoticons. Sound, Message Styles, Status Icon and Menu Bar Icons. One week ago, i tried to built my own emoticon to chat with my girlfriend that using Adium too. So in this post, i tried to share about how to create custom emoticon in Adium Messenger.

I will explain you step by step :

1. Download this file and extract it on your Computer

2. Right Click on the CustomEmoticon.AdiumEmoticonset and click Show Package Contents.

3. You can copy all emoticon image file in this folder. The recommended file format is PNG or GIF. I usually use 50×50 pixel dimesion for the image file.

4. If you already copied all the image files, all you have to do is just edit the Emoticons.plist file in the folder. All you have to do is change the script after


example :

<key>m000.gif</key> --> image files name
<string>mwaaaah</string> --> keyboard shortcut
<string>Waaah!</string> --> name of emoticon

So if you want to change the emoticon, just change the text inside keyword <string> </string> above. If you want to create new one, just copy paste the script below.

5. Save the Emoticons.plist file and run the CustomEmoticon.AdiumEmoticonset. Your Emoticon already installed in your Adium

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