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How to Add Related Posts with Thumbnails in WordPress / Blogger

One of many ways how to make your visitors stay longer in your website is provide interesting article. If you have a lot of interesting article in your website, then visitors will stay longer in your website. If this happen, then the Bounce Rate will decrease. Website with low Bounce Rate is preferred by Google. To make sure that your visitors know there are a lot of interesting and useful article in your website, you can add Related Post below your article. But sometime, common Related Post (Related Post that just using Text only) is not enough to pay attention of the readers. So it will be effective if you use Related Posts with Thumbnails.
related posts with thumbnail

One of best Related Posts with Thumbnails i found on the internet is LinkWithin. Using LinkWithin is very easy. Here are simple guide from me How to Linkwithin plugin into your blog :

1. Visit LinkWithin website
2. Fill Email, Blog Link, Platform and Width and click Get Widget.
fill in linkwithin
3. Follow further instructions based on your Platform

linkwithin wordpress

4. It’s done

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