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How to Add Google Translate Widget in Your Web Site

Several years ago we still had a problem with language to attract visitors from all over the world to visit our website. But thanks for Google. Because of their powerful technology, we do not need to open our dictionary each time reading an article on the internet. Just use Google Translate, and we can easily read foreign language we don’t understand. The common way to translate a website is enter translate.google.com and enter the url you want to translate and click translate. The other way is search on the google search engine and click “Translate this page“. But don’t you know that you can even add google translate feature on your website? With google translate feature, you don’t even have to open translate.google.com anymore.

This will make an internet user who visiting your website can directly translate your website without enter translate.google.com anymore. Just choose the language from your website, and it will directly translated into the language choosen. Just copy the code the script below and paste into your website :

<div id=”google_translate_element”></div><script>
function googleTranslateElementInit() {
new google.translate.TranslateElement({
pageLanguage: ‘en’
}, ‘google_translate_element’);
</script><script src=”http://translate.google.com/translate_a/element.js?cb=googleTranslateElementInit”></script>

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  1. Widodo Budi
    July 20th, 2010 at 01:09 | #1

    This article really update me. Ok, I will use this feature to my blogs.
    Please let me get your update when you have some other usefull information.

    Rgds, Budi

  2. vadcool
    November 7th, 2010 at 01:26 | #2

    please….i need for my wordpress

  3. itdev
    February 18th, 2011 at 06:48 | #3

    I copy and paste this script as mentioned to html file but it does not show any thing.

    please, if you can help i would appreciate.


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