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Google Adsense : Passive income that can make your life more freely & enjoyable

One year ago, one of my friend just arrived from Bangkok, Thailand. At the time I was wondering what she doing for living, so she can traveling anytime she want. Seeing her make me remember what i really want since long time ago. Work for other people company really consuming time. I feel lack of time for myself. So i want a job that can generate passive income. And that time i saw real prove of someone who already have passive income job. After i asked, i just know that what she doing is internet marketing. As we know there are a lot of way how to make money on the internet. When i ask to my friend, she said that her biggest income came from Google Adsense. After that, i decide to learn Google Adsense more intensively. Now, i can generate some passive income from Google Adsense, even not as big as my friend’s. Today, i want to share a little about Google Adsense. Hmm…. What is Google Adsense? If you still confused about what is Google Adsense, i will explain a little below…


Google Adsense Basic :

Several years ago, Google began to receive advertising via banner in every search process via www.google.com. Google calls this program DNG name: Google Adwords. Then Google also offers to the owners of the website to join this display ads from Google, with a fee system for the “payment per click“. So if advertisers via AdWords pay the dollar / cents to Google for each click their ad, then some will be given to the owner of the website that this program, called Google Adsense.

From my view, Google Adsense website are divided into 2 different types:

1. Website that rely 100% of the income from Adsense
There are 2 kind of website which are blog and MFA (Made For Adsense) website. MFA website usually lack of strong content.and doesn’t frequently updated

2. Google Adsense is used as an additional revenue from original content of website.
This kind of website usually already have source of income, ex : forum, online store, community, etc. Adsense usually been added to increse website owener’s income.


Terms in Google Adsense

First, you must know several terms frequently used by internet marketers about Google Adsense. If you read books about Google Adsense, you’ll found a lot of this terms below.

1. CTR (Clickthrough Rate)
CTR is the ratio in percent between the number of clicks received by the number of Ad Units display. For example, an Ad Units are displayed 40 times and clicked 10 times has a value of CTR 25% (10:40).

2. Page Impressions
Page Impressions is the number that shows how many times the page containing the Ad Units opened by visitors. Its value is not affected by the quantity Ad Units that is in the relevant pages.

3. CPC (Cost Per Click)
CPC is the amount of money that would be obtained by a specific Ad Units publisher when clicked. CPC values of each Ad Units vary and are determined by many factors, including publisher perfomance and the publisher’s site quality. But in general, the maximum value possible is 20% of the bid value offered by the advertiser dynamic.

4. eCPM (Effective CPM)
eCPM or CPM (Cost Per Million) is the result of the division between the amount of revenue the publisher with the number of page impressions (as of 1000). For example, publishers who produce $ 200 from 50,000 impressions will have CPM value of $ 4 ($ 200/50).


What i write below is several step you must do to start make money using Google Adsense


Step 1 : Apply for Google Adsense Account :

– Before signing up, prepare a website that will be registered. Website with English language is better than the other language. If you have your website in your own domain, there will be a greater chance to be accepted by Google. This website will be checked by Google staff only at the time of registration, because once it accepted one adsense account can be used up to 200 websites. Try to make website that contained unique and quality contents when registering.

– When filling out the form, please don’t fill with fake or incorrect information!  Because all of that will affect the payment later. Wrong one character on name and address can cause a trouble when you receive payment. Try to fill the data same with your ID card.


Step 2 : After Your Adsense Account Approved

– Enter your adsense script code to your website.

– Promote your site. There are several way to promote your website. I’ll explain more detail on the next article

– Do not try to spam by frequently clik your own website. If you caught clicking your own website, you could be banned by Google. Google determining the legitimacy of a click on banner ads doesn’t based on ip address only, but based on certain criteria. So do not waste your time to find a way to manipulate and find the weakness on Google Adsense system, just focus on the promotion and content of your website.


Step 3 : Received Payment

– When your total revenue reached arround $50, PIN will be sent for confirmation.

– If the total payments already reached above $ 100, then you can withdraw your money using several ways.  Personally i used Western Union to get my money










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    Well one suggestion from me when dealing with adsense, if the income is your main target, try to deal with high paying niche. Because it takes thousands of traffic to generate decent income from a website, unless you plan to build hundreds of websites 😉

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