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Global Warming : Save Our Planet, Let’s Be Vegetarian

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It’s been quite long i’ve been a vegetarian. It’s almost 12 years ago, since i decide to stop eating meat and become total vegetarian. If i compared the condition when i decide to become vegetarian with now, there are a lot of thing has changed for the past 10 years. In 1999, there are still a lot of common people who pout vegetarian people. My family frequently said something bad about vegetarian, but i choose to ignored them because i know that vegetarian is good and it’s a matter of time that Vegetarian will become trend in the future. If i remember 10 years ago, it’s still rare to find vegetarian restaurant even in a big city like Surabaya. But now, there are a lot of vegetarian restaurant opened arround in every city arround my country. The amount of people who want to be vegetarian keep increasing day by day. The inovation about vegetarian food seems keep growing day by day, as we know that the interest of eating vegetarian food will increasing everyday.

Me and My Friends at one of Vegetarian Restaurant in Surabaya

SAVE The Earth, Go Green, Be Veg, that the sentence i always notice in a restaurant in Surabaya. Global Warming issue recently become a world problem. By become vegetarian, we participate to save our planet from global warming threat.

What is the relationship between global warming and vegetarian then? FAO Report titled “Livestock’s Long Shadow”, published on 29 November 2006 at its website. In fact, about 18 percent global warming caused by Livestock Industry in the world. This figure is greater than the warming caused by all transportation arround the world which only 13 percent.

Activity in livestock sector also contribute about 9 percent of carbon dioxide, 65 percent of nitrous oxide, and 37 percent of methane gas. Nitrous oxide gas produced by livestock dung. It’s about 296 times more potential to generate greenhouse effect than CO2. This does not include its contributions to soil and water pollution

Research by Gidon Eshel and Pamela Martin from Chicago University concluded that change our lifestyle from eating meat become vegetarian is 50 percent more effective than substitute SUV car with hybrid car. One vegan people riding a SUV Hummer is more friendly to the environment than a meat eaters riding a bicycle.

No wonder, Dr Rajendra K Pachauri, Head of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change/IPCC in Paris, 15 January 2008 ago, invites all citizens of the world to eat less meat to reduce global warming. So if you want to participate to save our planet, let’s start by doing a simple step. Let’s Be Vegetarian since now.

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