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Focus on High Impact Economic Data & Intel Earning

January 14th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Forex EUR/USD Trade

Today gonna be interesting. Today there several important data will be announced.

EUR : 02:00 pm – German Final CPI m/m (M)
EUR : 05:00 pm – Industrial Production m/m (M)
EUR : 07:45 pm – Minimum Bid Rate (H)
EUR : 08:30 pm = ECB Press Conference (H)
USD : 08:30 pm – Core Retail Sales m/m (H)
USD : 08:30 pm – Retail Sales m/m (H)
USD : 08:30 pm – Unemployment Claims (H)

Notes : H : High Impact, M : Medium Impact, L : Low Impact. Timezone = GMT + 7

EUR/USD still on trading range between 1.4462 and 1.4570. I trade contrarian near Support / Resistance while waiting some break out to confirm the new trend.

Stock Market Trade

There some big movement at the end of yesterday session. From minus, stock suddenly jumps to almost 1.00% at the end of market session. The bullish force comes from technology and financial stocks.

The market seems keep try to attempt to up and up again. The bullish seems don’t want surrender yet. But be cautious to be bulish right now.  Look the $VIX and the overbought level right now.

What to watch today is the Intel Earning & USD Economic Data i mentioned above. It can be barometer how the economy condition 1 year after 2008 financial  recession.

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  1. Angela
    February 4th, 2010 at 08:54 | #1

    the last quarter of 2009 seems promising as we have seen lots of signs of econic recovery against the massive economic recession. i hope that in 2010 all our economies would be back on track. recession really sucks.

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