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Focus Focus Focus

November 5th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Market quite oversold right now. So it’s not weird we see the movement like on the opening yesterday. Market index bounce about 2% when market open, but selling wave on market close erase all gain in the morning session.

Picture 2

We see the movement of S&P 500 index. It already break the first support line. I will not enter large position of short before it break the second support level. The pattern itself seems begin to form head and shoulder formation. Anyway, i look some good shorting position, one of them is STT. I already buy PUT for this stock since last week. Here the reason why i entered STT

Picture 1

After i resigned, I tried to be more focused on forex for now. I have tried lot of indicator and seems i found the consistent one. And i made some trading journal record from yesterday. For yesterday, there are 3 signal shown and the result is 100 % win (3 trades win). The gain is 90 pips. Good for first day journaled :p

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