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First Time go to Singapore? What you need know about Singapore?

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Continue my previous post about Traveling to Singapore, this time i’ll write about the first point you must know before traveling to Singapore. If you never go to Singapore even once, then you must know a little about Singapore. I’ll cover all information and fact i know about Singapore in this post. Because i live in Indonesia, i’ll tell you everything i know based on my experience traveling to Singapore from my country, Indonesia. Singapore is the world’s fourth leading financial centre and a cosmopolitan world city, playing a key role in international trade and finance. The port of Singapore is also amongst the top five busiest ports in the world. This is why there are a lot of tourist come to Singapore.

About Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful country and good place to visit. Before traveling to Singapore, i suggest you to know some data about this country.

Currency: Singapore Dollar
Population: 4,987,600 (2009)
Population growth rate: 3.1%
Language: Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and English are the 4 official languages in Singapore.But i think English is the only language that every single people in Singapore can speak of.
International country code: +65
Internet country code: .sg

Ethnic groups:
– Chinese 76.8%
– Malay 13.9%
– Indian 7.9%
– Other races 1.4%

Religions (Census of Population 2000):
– Buddhism 42.5%
– Islam 14.9%
– Christianity 9.8%
– Taoism 8.5%
– Catholicism 4.8%
– Hinduism 4%
– Other religions 0.7%
– None 14.8%

History of Singapore

The name of Singapore is derived from the Malay name Singa-pura which mean “Lion City“. It given by the founder of Singapore, Sang Nila Utama at 13th century. Later, studies indicate that lions probably never lived there. The beast seen by Sang Nila Utama was most likely a tiger. On 29 January 1819, Thomas Stamford Raffles landed on the main island in Singapore. Spotting its potential as a strategic trading post for Southeast Asia, Raffles signed a treaty with Sultan Hussein Shah to develop the southern part of Singapore as a British trading post and settlement.

Emergency Phone numbers

Anything can happen to you any time, anywhere . For that you better prepare yourself with important telephone numbers can be contacted during your holiday in Singapore. Here some Emergency Phone numbers in Singapore

Police : 999
Police (Direct Phone) : 62250000
Ambulance : 995
Ambulance (Non Emergency) : 1777
Fire Department : 995

Hospital :

Adam Road Hospital     Tel : 6466 7777
Alexandra Hospital     Tel : 6472 2000
Ang Mo Kio Hospital     Tel : 6453 8033
Balestier Medical Centre     Tel : 6253 3818
Camden Medical Centre     Tel : 6836 3210
Child Guidance Clinic, Inst . of Health     Tel : 6435 3879
East Shore     Tel : 6344 7588
Gleneagles     Tel : 6473 7222
Institute of Mental Health & Woodbridge Hospital     Tel : 6389 2200, Tel : 6389 2222 ( emergency services 24 – hours)
KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital     Tel : 6293 4044
Mount Alvernia Hospital     Tel : 6347 6688
Mount Elizabeth Hospital     Tel : 6737 2666, Helpline : 1800 738 9595
National University Hospital     Tel : 6779 5555
Raffles Hospital     Tel : (65) 6311 1111
Tan Tock Seng Hospital     Tel : 6256 6011
Thomson Medical Centre     Tel : 6256 9494
Singapore General Hospital     Tel : 62223322/63214311 ( A & E )

What should you prepare

Singapore is warm enough, the range of temperatures around 27 to 31 degrees centigrade. So, it would be better if you wear clothes made of cotton which absorbs sweat easily. However, if you will be more active in the mall to shop , it’s better to use a slightly thicker clothing because the temperature inside the mall is quite cool. Please bring comfortable shoes/sandals because you’ll walk a lot in Singapore. There will be a lot of rainfall arround December to March and June to September, so prepare an umbrella if you think you’ll need that.


This is one of the reason why i love Singapore so much. Singapore’s public transport system is well-developed and far more advanced than my country’s public transport. This is explain why there are not too many cars in Singapore. All the transport from MRT (subway) trains, buses and taxis serves to shuttle people across the city state every day, at relatively inexpensive fares.

* MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)
The Mass Rapid Transit is a rapid transit system that forms the backbone of the railway system in Singapore, spanning the entire city-state. You can reach almost all location in Singapore using this. To go to each station on this MRT System is very easy. Just buy ticket on a machine like ATM Machine in each station, you can go to all place in Singapore.

* Bus
Besides MRT, SBS is the most used public transportation services in Singapore. The fare is quite affordable (just like MRT). SBS Transit runs 257 bus services with a fleet of more than 2,800 buses. almost all bus are air-conditioned.

* Taxy
However, if you prefer to take the taxi, just flag one down by the road (or at any taxi-stand if you are in the Central Business District), call 6-3425-222, or tap out the alphabetical prompter 6-DIAL-CAB.

What you can do in Singapore

* Playing & Watching Attraction
* Shopping
* Enjoying Nice Scenery
* Visiting unique place
* Museum Visit
* Photography
* Culinary Tours
* Clubbing
* Gambling
* Studying
* Business

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