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Filling Tax Report on My Boring Day

Today is really really boring sunday. Today i don’t go anywhere like always. Just stay at home for today. After refreshing a while by playing my Nintendo DS, i turn on again my mac and browsing some website. Honestly, i rarely turn off my mac. I usually just close the monitor to make it on standby mode. But after exporting movies about almost 10 hours on my iMovies, i decide to turn off my mac for a while. Human need a rest, maybe computer need rest too. 😀

My concern right now is about fill my tax report for 2009 years. Yep. In my country, the deadline to fill tax report is end of March of next year. I plan to report it tommorow. It’s better finish this as soon as possible before it get to crowded at the tax government office when i report this. I still hopes that sometimes SPT (the name of tax report here) can be payed and reported via online, so i don’t have to go to tax government office to do all of these. Filling Tax Report sometimes annoying for some people, because a lot of people don’t understand how to fill it. That’s why there are a lot tax report filling service in Indonesia. I don’t know is this also happen in other country or not :p

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