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EUR/USD continues to go down

December 10th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

For you who trade Forex, seems there some turn point we face on USD Pair.


As we seen, Dollar Index ($USD) already break out the resistance. It’s interesting to see what happen when the index touch the next resistance level @62.5. Because of Dollar strength movement, all USD Pair start a new short term trend, include EUR/USD.Let’s see EUR/USD chart

Monthly Chart


The question is “Can The Trend continue or time to reverse now?”

Daily Chart


Not a good signal on buyer side of EUR/USD. If this continue to go down, there is large probability that it will continue go down

Hourly (H1) Chart


From hourly chart, there seem a probability that EUR/USD already reach its short term bottom. If this pair can rebound in 2-3 days ahead, then maybe this is only the correction, and the uptrend will continue

Honestly, since monday i trade only sell position on EUR/USD. I can profit about 20-50 pips / day and my winning percentage almost 80%.

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