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English Vinglish : Ordinary People Can Do Great Things With Great Love

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I just saw an Indian movie titled English Vinglish yesterday. Beside 3 Idiots, this is Indian movie that i really enjoy to watch. The story is about an ordinary housewife named Shashi Godbole who is often underestimated by other family member. Her husband always think that she is just an ordinary woman who can’t do anything else except making and selling laddoos (Indian food). Meanwhile, her daughter always underestimated her, because of her poor English. One day, she has to attend her niece’s wedding in the United States of America. Because all of her family member have been busy, Sashi must go to America by herself. Her family will join her later when the wedding closes in. In America, she has to experience some unpleasant experience just because of her poor English. Since that incident, she become encouraged to learn English and want to prove that she can also do something great in her life.

English Vinglish

For me, this film is very inspirational movie and i learn a lot from this movie. Because the story of Sashi is very similar to our ordinary life. The reason why i love Indian movie is that they usually teach something for us to learn from their film. This film try to tell about how great peoples can be if they already found passion in their life. Another important lesson i got from this movie is that never underestimate people, just by looking her job, position or educational background.In my daily life, i found that there are a lot of people who often underestimate other peoples just because of their appearance or  educational background. What Sashi do in this film make me realize and always keep in mind that ordinary people can be a great people and do something we never expect when they found their passion.

I also remember Mother Theresa ever said “Do small thing with great love“. I totally agree with this quote. Don’t assume that we have to do great things to be success in our life. Find what you love and do it with great love, and you will surprise with the result.

For you who haven’t watch this movie, i really recommend you to watch. Beside it’s very enjoyable, it also teach a lot of things. I can’t tell too much about the content of the movie, because i don’t want to spoil you who haven’t watch the movie. The thing is that i really love this movie because of its simple storyline and how it make me smile, laugh, moved by the story.

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