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Currensee, Social Network for Forex Trader

January 5th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yesterday is our first day of this year to trade. Stock Market seems go very bullish. S&P 500 advance about 17.89 point (1.60%). A good start in this new year. For forex there seems Dollar weakness dominates yesterday movement. I got so lucky yesterday, i trade 11 times and have 100% win. So a blessing day in the first day of 2010. You can see in my statistic below.

Picture 2

This is the data shown by the website called Currensee, its a social media website specially for forex trader. If you haven’t registered to it, i recommend you to register. Everybody knows Twitter, Everybody knows Facebook. But for Forex Trader, i think common social media site is not enough. I think this site is worth to consider. You can meet a lot of good trader here. I myself got some friend and share our trade together right now. We can learn each others by trading together. You also can learn from them who have better perfomance than you. The data off course can’t be cheated. Because it’s live. You can also learn from them who have a similar trading style with you. Because in the Profile there some data like this

Picture 2

This is my profile. We can see on the bottom section of the profile, there a data like Trading Since, Avg Trades / Week, Approach (Fundamental / Techincal), Technique, Trading Region. From these data, we can found other trader with similar approach, so we can learn from them.

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