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Commission Cheat Honest Review from Real Customer (Not just promoting)

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It’s about a week since i purchased this Commision Cheat product. I got the promotion from one of email marketing and i am interest to purchased it, since the price is not too expensive. Before purchased it, i already googling several website that reviewed about this product. I don’t know is all the review out there is a real review from customer, because as i can see from the review, all of them just promoting Commission Cheat product without write honest review about it. Today i will not write a promotion review about this product, i just only write a truth about this product.

commission cheat

Commision Cheat

Product Name : Commission Cheat
Official Website : http://www.commissioncheat.com
Launch Date : 16th January 2012
Created by : Sal Haque and Sean Miller
Price : $39

First, let’s talk about the man behind Commission Cheat. Some of reviews in other website said that they are a famous email marketers and a super affiliate marketers who make millions from internet. Honestly, i don’t know anything about Sal Haque and Sean Miller before purchased this Commission Cheat product. This time both of them join to create a software named Commission Cheat. I just wonder why the commission cheat isn’t indexed in Google. But there are very lot of product review on search engine result even the product has just released about a month.


Let’s continue about what we is this system about and what we get when we purchased Commission Cheat. The website said that the software is an automated system that generates $200 – $700 daily. If you interest to buy this product, you can get cheaper price by closing the window. The website will prevent you closing the window and offer a discount. You can get the product for only $29 now.

What is Commission Cheat?

Commission Cheat is a automated software that created a page in a multimedia site called Gumshare.com (similar to Youtube) with 3 possible ads arround the image / video. The ads available to set are Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate and Clickbank. The software itself is a website based system. So don’t waste your time to search for the cracked version of this product.

What you Get from Commission Cheat

After you purchased Commision Cheat, you will directly go to the welcome page and you will be offered of 2 other products (upsell), Automatic Media and Traffic Tornado. Both of the upsell is an upgrade tools of your account in Commision Cheat software. So you can’t use the software for other internet marketing purpose in the future. It is only used for Commision Cheat software.

  • Automatic Media ($199)
    The Automatic Media is also an automatic software tool that can choose the most popular media in the internet right now. It will show you the top traffic generating videos by current statistics. By using this tool, we don’t need to search the video manually. Just go to the Automatic Media page and we can see the list of most popular video there. The price of Automatic Media is $199.
  • Traffic Tornado ($199)
    Traffic Tornado is a tools to increase the traffic for 150-300 %. The traffic tornado will exchange links from several multimedia website. It is said that you will offer the traffic to some multimedia website and later you will get the more traffic from them. It is said that if you have a problem with traffic generating, then you must buy this product too. The price of Traffic Tornado is $199.

I decide not to buy both upsell, because i want to know more about the software first. After skip two upsells offer, i finally arrived at welcome page and enter the Commission Cheat Member area Page.

commision cheat member area

From the picture, you will know that you will get if you purchase this software. Except Automatic Media and Traffic Tornado, you can access all menu in the top of the website for free. Below i will write more detail about each module you will get

  • Training Module Video
    This contain 4 Module Video about how to use the software. The video is short and i think you can skip to watch all the video. Because the software is very easy to undestand.
  • Coaching
    It is a private coaching you can apply if you want to succeed in this software. You will be offered to Hostzilla Hosting first before can fill the form to apply this private coaching. Later you will be interviewed too to know are you qualified or not.
  • Bonus Video
    This is the only useful knowledge outside the software you will get in this product. There are 2 bonus which are Traffic Generation Blueprint and Offline Money Blueprint. Traffic Generation Blueprint tell us two method (Free & Paid) about how we can generate traffic. Meanwhile, the Offline Money Blueprint will tell us about Hybrid Marketing method.

I read several review in the internet said that the only who succeed in this system is they who buy the upsell. I don’t know if they really generate the income or just promoting the software to get the income. But i found something weird about the others review. I already post about 50 video until i write this review. Two of my video become the most viewed video in Gumshare.com, but it doesn’t give me an income yet. I just wonder which one is the video was posted by them who claim already get income from this software, because two of my video are the most viewed media on the website.

gumshare most viewed

gumshare media list


Is Commission Cheat a Scam? I honestly don’t know. As long as i see until now, it is not scam. I think it is a very good software. I like the concept the system, even it haven’t been proved yet. It’s already one week since i purchased this product, and there is no income at all for all my account (Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate and Clickbank). Probably, i will try different traffic generation technique to increase my traffic. Hope it will generate some income soon.

To know more about Commision Cheat, please visit THIS COMMISSION CHEAT WEBSITE

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  1. Annie
    March 16th, 2012 at 03:28 | #1

    i also purchased this soft wear about a week ago with the “automatic media” I am not sure what I bought into…???
    The softwear looks promising but i don’t find a lot of reviews on it…and like you I still did not make a cent from it…e-mail me back if you want and we will share ideas.


  2. March 16th, 2012 at 09:21 | #2

    yes, annie. when you search on google, there too many fake reviews (promotion) about this products. i hope there will be a lot of people write the real review about this product. i think if i have to choose which one to buy, i will buy traffic tornado. because it told that this feature will increase the traffic up to 300%. But i decide not to buy it, because it’s kinda expensive and i can’t use it for another business. so, i’ll wait until i get enough income from this system before buy the upsell.

  3. March 20th, 2012 at 22:41 | #3

    Thanks for this review. Man the same videos you posted I was going to post. Now that I see that after all of those views that you didn’t get any money I will now be looking for a refund. If you can’t get money on adsense after all those views to your video then how many people have to watch these to make a few dollars? If you have to get millions of views just to get few dollars how is this effective? This is the wierdest product ever. I see all these fake reviews but no real reviews other than people who didn’t buy the upsells and are not making money. Well I brought the Traffic Tornado. It didn’t do much for my videos nor have I made any money. If you are looking to make money this is not the system. I guess this is what the coaching is for but judging by all the upsells and everything else just to get this system to work the only persons getting paid are the product owners.

  4. March 20th, 2012 at 22:56 | #4

    i get $129 income from this system. But it’s only happen in one day. you can check on my commission cheat result after three week in this post. i don’t put adsense on my gumshare page. i just afraid that it violate google policy. So i place 2 clickbank ads and 1 amazon ads. what is your average click hits using traffic tornado? what traffic generation strategy do you use?

  5. March 27th, 2012 at 10:11 | #5

    I purchase the program a month ago?I even purchase the upgrade Automatic Media for $199 but still not made any income yet can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong and tell me the correction way.I even watch the member area video and follow the instructions but still no income

  6. March 28th, 2012 at 13:27 | #6

    yes, if you haven’t got any income. that’s normal. this software is not as easy as it looks. I just got income from 2 sales in 1 day only. There is no sales at all until today. so you’re not alone. Did you already stumbled all your pages?

  7. Catherine
    March 29th, 2012 at 00:10 | #7

    I bought this software almost two weeks ago, submitted more than 400 videos, with 2 upgrades. The views are so nearly 0 except a few of them having few views. I checked with their support if one of paid traffic source is acceptable by Google AdSense policy. They replied to me not to use this paid traffic source. Then I kept asking if this is also acceptable to use the bulk of free traffic sources they recommended, which again these traffic sources are explicitly not accepted by Google. I also earned nothing from it. I recently checked with another nearly forgotten traffic source to see if they accept sites with adsense ads etc (as they mentioned that only non commercial sites are accepted). Then they replied that those are fine, then I am trying this free forgotten (what they mentioned) traffic source.

  8. March 29th, 2012 at 00:24 | #8

    yes. it is not as easy as it looks. i also feel that the hits number on the media list is not true number. How can i got more then ten thousand clicks but i only got less than 10 hops in clickbank report.

  9. K S Chow
    August 18th, 2012 at 23:23 | #9

    I have bought this software for more than 3 months. Recently, I have written to support desk for assistance for more than 5 times and the problem is still not resolved. Now I am not able to add new videos / media. The following message still appears ” Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 37748736 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4202075 bytes) in /home/gumshare/public_html/system/libraries/Output.php on line 204. I am wondering whether other users of this software face the same problem using this software.

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