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World Joyland : Warcraft and Starcraft Theme Park in China

January 15th, 2013 1 comment

It’s really a good news for all Warcraft and Starcraft fans around the world. Just a couple months ago, the first amusement park created based on Warcraft and Starcraft has just opened last year to public in China. It’s World Joyland (Chinese : 嬉戏谷; pinyin : Xīxì Gǔ) that located in Changzhou, Jiangsu province. It’s just about two hours away from Shanghai if you go by train and bus. The park was built spread over 600,000 square meters and it’s cost about 200 million yuan (about $30 million USD). The park itself divided into five sections. Too bad, this is not official theme park of Warcraft and Starcraft, because the park was built without the use of the original name of the Blizzard. It’s mean that the park owners doesn’t need to pay a license to Blizzard. Starcraft section in this park has been renamed as Universe of Starship, while Warcraft section has been renamed as Terrain of Magic.

World Joyland Theme Park

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Shanghai Metro System Map

October 25th, 2011 No comments

Like other MRT in mainland (China), Shanghai MRT is well known as Shanghai Metro. Shanghai Metro is the urban rapid transit that incorporates both subway and light metro lines in Shanghai. Shanghai metro recognized as one of the fastest-growing and busiest rapid transit systems in the world. Even, the Shanghai Metro was built after Beijing Metro and Tianjin Metro in China, it is now has exceeded it’s predecessor.  I just tried Shanghai Metro couple days ago when i went on trip to Shanghai. Actually, i had a unpleasant experience when using Shanghai Metro. When i tried to go to the Bund at night, i must paid twice because there is a metro station that should be the exchange line station is not connected (the building of each line is separated). So if it is the first time you go by MRT in Shanghai, you must be careful. Just pay attention to the exchange line of each MRT Station. If the dot (circle) is separated, then i don’t suggest you to switch line at that station. It will be better to switch line at overlapping dot station.

Shanghai Metro Map

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Travel in China Day 6 (Shanghai) : The Bund, Nanjing Road, People’s Park

October 22nd, 2011 No comments

List of tourist attraction visited today :
– The Bund
– Nanjing Road
– People’s Park

This is the last day of my trip to 南方 Nan Fang (South China). Totally we already visited 4 cities which are 南京 Nanjing, 黄山 Huangshan, 杭州 Hangzhou and 上海 Shanghai. So today is not only my last day in Shanghai, but also the last day of my trip. We arrived at Shanghai at noon yesterday. We already went to The Bund by ourselves yesterday, and today our tour group brought us to The Bund again. Because of this, at least we know the Bund scenery during the night and during the day light.

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Travel in China Day 5 (Hangzhou, Shanghai) : Wan Song Academy, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, The Bund

October 21st, 2011 No comments

List of tourist attraction visited today :
– Wan Song Academy
– Oriental Pearl TV Tower
– The Bund

After visited several beautiful place in Hangzhou yesterday, we still had one place to visit in Hangzhou for today. We departed from the hotel around 7 o’clock in the morning. And our destination is 万松书院 (Wan Song Academy), the place where we can see chinese classical story of “Romeo and Juliet” in real life.

万松书院 WanSong ShuYuan (Wan Song Academy)

This place was built at Ming Dynasty at 1498. It has longest history and deepest infection on Hangzhou. It was school of 梁山伯 (Liang Shan Bo) and 祝英台 (Zhu Ying Tai) who fell in love there. And the story about great love between them has spread around the world and recognize as Chinese version of “Romeo and Juliet” story. Nowadays, Wan Song Academy is more famous for holding Blind Date each weekend. This place is filled with lovely house nestled harmoniously into the surrounding rocks and forest hidden up on top of the mountain. This is a beautiful and peaceful place, and the light was just perfect.

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