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Beijing Subway Map (MRT Map)

May 21st, 2011 No comments

Beijing Subway is the most crowded MRT i ever ride. With the biggest population in the world, no wonder that the Beijing Subway is very crowded. Even my friend said to me that if you still can look your own feet, then the Subway is still not to crowded. For me Beijing Subway is not as convenient as Singapore MRT.  The subway itself is operated by two operators,  Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corp which operates 13 lines, and the Beijing MTR Corp, a public-private joint-venture with the Hong Kong MTR, which manages the other two lines. The Beijing Subway is the first MRT that opened in Mainland, China. It first line opened in 1969, and the metro network has now grown to 15 lines.

Beijing Subway Map

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My First Time in Beijing : It’s Really Crowded

March 10th, 2011 No comments

I’ve been two weeks in China. After my friend, Irvhan shown me around several famous place in Tianjin, yesterday he invite me and  my girlfriend to go to another city. The nearest city to Tianjin is Beijing, the capital of China. Because this trip was unplanned, then we just departed in the morning and went back to Tianjin in the afternoon. We went with 1 Korean friend, 2 Japanese friend, and 3 Indonesian friend (including my girlfriend and my friend Irvhan). This is the first time i go to Beijing. And this is the first time i use the famous bullet train in China (we called it 高铁 here). The cost of the bullet train is only RMB 58 (around $10). Actually, we need 2 hours to go from Tianjin to Beijing by bus. But using the Bullet Train who can speed up to 250 km / hour, we just need only 30 minutes to arrive. The bullet train was so amazing, it’s very luxurious and we got the most expensive mineral water in China (Tibet Spring) for free. The price if we buy in the supermarket is RMB 10 (around $1.4).

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