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Several Tips How to Extend Macbook Battery Life

May 10th, 2012 No comments

It’s already 4 years since i started this blog. I just realize that i rarely wrote article about Macbook. I start using Macbook since 4 years ago, so it’s mean my blog is as old as my Macbook. After 4 years using, i am very satisfied with my Macbook. So today i want to write an article about Macbook Battery. Why makes Macbook battery more expensive than other battery? What the difference between Macbook battery and other laptop battery.

macbook battery

Let’s begin…

First, i want you to make sure that there is no eternal thing in this life, even Macbook battery. As the time passed, Macbook battery of course must be replaced. But i will give you several tips how to use Macbook, so the battery lifespan can last at least according to age that have been determined by Apple.

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