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Review Samsung Galaxy S4 : Smartphone berbasis Android Terlaris di Dunia

August 1st, 2013 No comments

Sekitar 1 bulan lalu, kebetulan saya punya kesempatan untuk mencoba Samsung Galaxy S4 yang merupakan handphone yang menurut data saat ini menjadi handphone paling laris di dunia, bahkan mengalahkan iPhone 5 milik Apple. Memang belakangan Samsung terus mendominasi pasar smartphone. Nah. Samsung Galaxy S4 ini sendiri sebenarnya adalah milik adik saya. Dulunya gadget dia adalah Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Tapi seiring dengan keluarnya Samsung Galaxy S4, akhirnya dia pun menggantinya dengan S4. Salah satu kesan paling keren yang saya dapat dengan sekilas saja mencoba Galaxy S4 adalah layarnya. Layarnya luar biasa tajam. Bila dibandingkan dengan Galaxy Tab punya saya jelas tidak ada apa-apanya. Selain layar super tajam, S4 juga punya banyak keunggulan lain. Berikut saya review sedikit mengenai gadget super canggih ini.

samsung galaxy s4

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My New Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 2.0 (P3100)

July 6th, 2013 No comments

I finally bought a new gadget yesterday.  And my choice fall to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (P3100). Actually i have waiting so long to buy this Android gadget. I usually use Blackberry, iPad and iPod Touch (the last 2 gadget were not mine, i borrowed them from my brother and my girlfriends). Honestly, i was the great fans of Apple. But as the development going in recent years, i start to lose faith on Apple technology. After i tried my brother’s Samsung Galaxy S3, i have to admit that Andorid has a lot of better user experiences than iOS. That’s why for now, i prefer android gadget than Apple gadget that using iOS. Because there are a lot of Android gadget out there, it’s not an easy thing to choose between them. It’s not like Apple that only have 3-5 products in the market. But the news often mentioned that Samsung is the best selling gadget brands in the worlds for now. So my choice goes to Samsung. The next question was which Samsung product i want to buy? Beside Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, there are Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 MiniGalaxy Grand and Galaxy Note. Each products has their own advantage and disadvantage. Because i looking for a gadget that have larger screen size, then my choice narrowed into 2 products, between Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note 8.0. Finally, i choosed Galaxy Tab 2, because it’s far more cheaper than Galaxy Note, and i think 7.0 screen size is the most suitable one for me.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

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Blackberry 10 : The Latest Blackberry Innovation to Survive in Gadget Industry

February 4th, 2013 No comments

As one of Blackberry users, i certainly curious about how great the new Blackberry (Blackberry 10) that just launched in England, couple days ago (January 31, 2013). I believe, this would be a final chance for Research in Motion Limited that just change name into Blackberry to survive in gadget industry, after suffered greatly for the last 5 years. Blackberry stock has been declining for the last 4 years since it reach highest value at June 2008. The lack of innovation and the popularity of Apple and Android gadget are the reason why a lot of users began to leave Blackberry as their primary gadget.

I personally feel that the old Blackberry is nothing compared to iOS and Android gadget. The only reason why i still use Blackberry is its Messenger Application, Blackberry Messenger (BBM). BBM still dominate in Indonesia as number one messenger application beating Yahoo Messenger and WhatsApp Messenger. So it’s interesting to see what Blackberry 10 can do to make Blackberry survive in market for the next 5 years.

Blackberry 10 Launching

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8 Most Anticipated Gadget of 2013

December 29th, 2012 1 comment

Two days again we will pass year 2012. Doomsday rumor that would happen on December 21, 2102 did not happen. We still here and we will enter the new year, 2013. There are many interesting thing that happen this year and we don’t know what will happen next year. I will keep my blog improve to give you a good quality content in every posting. As the last post in this year, i will give you about 8 Most Anticipated Gadget of 2013. As we know that the technology development focus more to Gadget and Tablet this year. The release of Kindle Fire 2, iPhone 5new iPadSamsung Galaxy S3PSP Vita and Nintendo Wii U.

Next year, it will be more interesting to see the battle of several giant company like AppleGoogleSamsungNintendoResearch in Motion and Microsoft. Below are 8 most anticipated gadget of 2013.

1. iPhone 5S

Release Date : June 2013

iPhone 5 has just been released 4 months ago, but Apple already prepare their next product iPhone 5S, that will be release on June 2013. iPhone 5S will features Super HD Camera / Screen, better battery life and RAM, NFC, 128 Gb data storage and will available in 6 to 8 color choice like new generation of iPod Touch.

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Take a Peek at the Next Generation of Xbox (Xbox 720)

December 25th, 2012 No comments

If we look back 15 years ago, if we talk about gaming industry, we only talk about Nintendo, Sega and Sony. In my childhood, there is only Nintendo who dominate the video games industry. Nobody would thought that Microsoft will become one of giant player in gaming industry now. Today with Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii, XBox 360 is one of three big player in seventh generation of video games consoles. One of Microsoft plan for 2013 is to unveil the Xbox next generation (Xbox 720) in Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) that will be held in Los Angeles on June 2013. As we know, Nintendo’s new console Wii U has achieved a great success on its release last month. It will be a challenge for Microsoft to compete Nintendo in eight generation console war. While waiting for more information about this new console next year, then let’s take a peek at how Xbox 720 look like.

Xbox 720 Images

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Several Tips How to Extend Macbook Battery Life

May 10th, 2012 No comments

It’s already 4 years since i started this blog. I just realize that i rarely wrote article about Macbook. I start using Macbook since 4 years ago, so it’s mean my blog is as old as my Macbook. After 4 years using, i am very satisfied with my Macbook. So today i want to write an article about Macbook Battery. Why makes Macbook battery more expensive than other battery? What the difference between Macbook battery and other laptop battery.

macbook battery

Let’s begin…

First, i want you to make sure that there is no eternal thing in this life, even Macbook battery. As the time passed, Macbook battery of course must be replaced. But i will give you several tips how to use Macbook, so the battery lifespan can last at least according to age that have been determined by Apple.

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Google Project Glass : Futuristic Technology that will change the World?

April 5th, 2012 No comments

If you are fan of Dragon Ball Z series, you certainly knew there was a tool shaped like a radar glasses that are always used by Freeza troops and Saiyan people. This radar glasses can help us to determine our location and other people location. Well … What happens if that kind of glasses really exist in real world? It is not impossible after recently Google is developing a project called Project Glass. This was revealed yesterday. Google publishes information about this Project Glass through their Google Plus page.

emily wearing google glass

What is Project Glass? Project Glass that could also be called Google Glass is an innovation glass (eyewear) product that invented by Google’s innovation team. Google is currently developing a glass that use the latest technology to help our activity every day. Project Glass is minimalist shaped and there are front facing camera and microphone installed in it. These glasses will be operated using voice input interface. Read more…

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Toshiba Tablet & Blackberry Playbook : New Competitors of Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab in Tablet Segment

January 10th, 2011 2 comments

On 2011, tablet computers become more popular. Technology seems shift to gadget with high perfomance. Not just as lifestyle, but to support company perfomance. Lets pick an example, Toshiba with its new Toshiba Tablet and Research In Motion with its Blackberry Playbook.

Toshiba seems try his luck on tablet computer by offering 10 inch tablet that claimed have price more friendly than Apple iPad. Tablet will be released in 2011 will use new Android Operating System, Honeycomb. In this 1.7 pound gadget will be plugged mobile processor Nvidia Tegra 2. There will be wifi connection. Unfortunately, this gadget can’t connect to mobile phone. Toshiba will sell its tablet price at USD $499.

Jeff Barney, General Manager of Digital Product Toshiba USA, affirm that this tablet is created for executives & professionals who work in a company. “This is the first, we will embrace tablet computer segment. Next, we will inovate with other tablet computer product”. he said for Reuters.

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Just 80 days, iPad already sold more than 3 million

June 23rd, 2010 No comments

Apple really made success with their new product, iPad. Just imagine, in just 80 days there were 3 million units consumers purchased iPad.
No doubt, this also makes the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs satisfied. He also claimed that his computer tablet have become part of new lifestyle for users.
“People have fallen in love with iPad and this tool also has become part of their lives,” he said, in an official statement by Apple.

To describe how popular iPad is, Jobs claimed that since released into the market, an iPad units have been sold every three seconds. “We continue to work hard to create this amazing product into the hands of citizens of the world,” he said.

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Microsoft XBox 360 Slim & XBox Kinect Controller Revealed : Revolutionary Gaming Experience

June 16th, 2010 12 comments

Microsoft has officially revealed the latest version of the game console Xbox 360. The latest version of the Xbox 360 was named Xbox 360 Slim. The most interesting thing of this new console is the size that look more slender and the color is black with some chrome element.

This console, will have a 250GB hard drive, WiFi capabilities (built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi) and certainly are ready to Kinect (formerly known as Natal Project). On the side of each unit, it is said that Xbox 360 Slim has ventilation holes better than the old Xbox 360. Consequently, the Xbox 360 fan will run much quieter.

In US, XBox 360 Slim has been released with price range of USD $299. On Mid-July 2010, Xbox 360 Slim is estimated to enter the international market.

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