Chinese New Year – The Tradition and Its Meaning

When some countries are welcoming Valentine’s Day, chinese people are busy preparing their most important day of the year, which is the 年节 Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year). In China, it also known as 春节 Spring Festival. The derivative term of it is 过年, which mean “pass the year”. I myself as a descendant of chinese people, even though I live in Indonesia, I also celebrate the chinese new year festivities every year. Chinese new year is the moment when we usually gather as family together. In my house, i also have a tradition to pray to my ancestors by offering food and fruit in a table. This is a form of respect to our ancestors. Beside those two activity, there are still a lot of tradition we usually do during chinese new year.

chinese new year 2013

Along with the development of technology, many people start to leave this tradition. To provide some enlightenment, i would like to share with you about what tradition we usually do during Chinese New Year and the meaning of each activity for our life.

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The Facts About Billionaires in the World

Today i found an interesting image when browsing in Stumbleupon. It’s about the facts of billionaires and wealth in the world. I just know the fact that Fourteen of the 25 wealthiest individual in the world live in the United States. Another interesting thing in the picture is the fact that show Bill Gates as the only billionaires who have more than $50 billion dollar and age less than 60 years old. You can find a lot of interesting thing in the picture below.


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Pic of The Titanic (Titanic Real Photos)

Before James Cameroon‘s Titanic movie come out in 1997, there are only a little people who knows the sinking of the titanic. The sinking of the RMS Titanic yacht at 1912 is a tragedy that caused the deaths of 1,502 people, make it the most  deadliest and tragic maritime disasters in history. Since Titanic movie released, many people become interested to know more about Titanic. It’s already more than 100 years since the sinking of the titanic. A collection of photos from a camera as silent witness of the tragedy were released. These photos reveal a glimpse of the condition of the passengers of titanic before the disaster happen. The following are some real photos of Titanic on board situation before it sank.

Last Photo of Titanic

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Blood Type Personality Comic (Part 3)

If you follow my blog, i am sure you have read a funny Blood Type Personality Comic before (Part 1 and Part 2). Today i continue to share the next part of this comics. For you who haven’t read this comic, this comic is about blood type personality. It was made by RealCrazyMan from Korea based on survey and research. This comic was translated to many languages around the world. If you ever learn about psychology, then you will know that there are a lot of different personality categories, and one of them is personality based on blood type. These comics may be a bit intriguing, but also accurate. I hope you enjoy it. Happy reading…

1. Multiple Choice (Part 1)


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HP SiteScope Certification Exam

The HP SiteScope platform is designed to allow businesses and other enterprises to monitor and address in a timely manner any availability or performance concerns with their IT infrastructure. The SiteScope certification exam, the HP0-M44, which is officially called the HP SiteScope 11.x Software exam, is targeted specifically to validate the skills and abilities of technical staff that work with SiteScope demonstrations and implementations for clients.


The HP0-M44 exam’s skill documentation is perhaps the most valuable for individuals working the technical sales field, both on the technical sales consultation and the field implementation specialist sides of client projects. Continue reading

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