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Valentine Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend

February 5th, 2013 2 comments

Unwittingly, the celebration of Valentine’s Day coming. For you who already have girlfriend, of course you want to give her a special Valentine gift. Unlike other special day, Valentine’s Day is a day with a theme of “love” and “romanticism“. So a lot of people want to give something memorable for his girlfriend. But for some people it’s kinda hard to choose what the suitable gift for valentine day.

Although your girl said that you don’t need to give her a gift, but sometime they expecting a special gift on Valentine day, especially if she heard that her friends got valentine gifts. Gifts do not have to be expensive, but more to the memorable, and full of love for sure.

Valentine Gift Ideas
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Wonderful Story : My little Angel, Please Teach Us about Love…

July 3rd, 2012 No comments

It is kinda difficult to define what is love? What kind of action considered as love? Sometime we still confuse to know what is love. There are a lot of way to express our love to someone we care. For parents, love doesn’t always to give all what their children want. Sometime love can form as painful experience that train us to become a better person. There are a lot of Love Lesson. Some movie give good lesson about love, such as If Only that teaches us how to love a person sincerely. Children of Heaven and Homerun are also good movies that teach us about love between brother and sister. Beside those good movies, i also have a good story that teach us about love. Just read the story below. It’s about a kind-hearted girl who live in India.

teach me love

My wife said to me when i was reading newspaper, “How much longer do you read the newspaper? Can you come here and help your daughter to eat.”

I put the newspaper and saw my only daughter, named Sindu, looked frightened. On her front, there is a bowl of Indian curd rice. Sindu is 8 years old child, and she is sweet and smart. She really did not like to eat rice curd. My mother and wife is still old-fashioned, they believe that eating curd rice will cause “cooling effect“. I took the bowl and said: “Sindu dear, for your father, would you eat a few spoonfuls of this curd rice? If not, your mother would yell to me.”

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Wonderful Story : Last Kiss

June 5th, 2012 1 comment

It’s been a long time since the last time i wrote about short story that inspiring and motivating. Today i will share to you another good story that i have for you. Parents love to their children is unconditionally. Since we still a child until grown up, our parents always love us unconditionally. As we grown up, we begin to keep up appearance and want to appear as cool teenager. Sometimes we feel embarrassed when our parent hug or kiss us, because we feel that we are not kid anymore. Some teenager even yell to their parent when they find something annoying from their parents. If you usually do that, i suggest you to think for a while. Is it appropriate? Read this story below, and stop do anything that can make your parents sad.


Board of Directors meeting has just ended. Bob stand up and accidentally knocked the table, so the coffee spilled on his notes.

Oh nooo, i am so embarrassing, already old but still mess up ..

Everyone laugh, and then a minute later, we all started telling the most painful moments in the past. And after a while, it is now Frank turn who tell his story.

Come on Frank, it’s your turn. Please tell us, what’s most uncomfortable moment you ever experienced.

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Wonderful Story : Most Beautiful Hand in the World

March 13th, 2012 1 comment

There is a saying that a mother’s love has no limits. This is true. Sometimes we forget the meaning of maternal love. Due to the demands of modern life that is full of competition, sometimes we often underestimate the people who have low status or education. We also sometimes feel impatient to see there are people who can’t work as quickly as we do. And sometime we even don’t realize, we do the same thing to our own family, including our own mother. When we see our mother does everything at a slow pace, we often feel impatient. Hopefully by reading this story, we can perform self-introspection and realize how great the love of a mother.

mother hand

Years ago, when my mother visited, she asked me to accompany her to go shopping with her because she needed a new dress. I actually do not like to go shopping together with others, even though it was my mother. Read more…

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50 Sign Falling in Love

November 4th, 2010 4 comments

Have you ever falling in love before? The felling suddenly come and sometimes we even don’t realized it. Sometimes we became someone different when falling in love. But, there are many people don’t realize that they are falling in love.  I ever read an article about this in a local magazine here.

Today, I’ll rewrite the article here. Hope this will help you to know are you falling in love right with somebody or not right now. If you already know, just let him/her know what you feel.

Here are 50 signs someone fall in love :

1. You see there is something different inside him/her you want to know
2. Feel there is something that tickles inside you
3. Like to smile or laughing by yourself without reason
4. Like surreptitiously look towards the target
5. If he/she look in your direction , the heart feels like going off Read more…

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Let’s learn love from lizards

August 7th, 2010 No comments

Okay. Today i share a very touching story about lizards. This story came from Japan. In this story we will learn about love again. With love, anything can happen. Nothing imposibble for love. Here are the story


When renovating a house, someone tried to broke down the wall. Houses in Japan usually have an empty space between the walls that made from wood. When the walls start falling, he found a lizard trapped between the empty space in his feet attached to a letter.

He felt pity but curious too. Then after he checked the letter, he apparently know that the letter existed there 10 years ago when the house was first built.

What happened ? How lizards can survive with conditions that trapped for 10 years?

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Romantic Story : Silent Love

July 30th, 2010 No comments

This a very touching story about love and loyalty. Honestly, it’s very rare to find this kind of love recently. But i think there are still several people who have pure love like this story. Just want to share with you today. Enjoy…

From the very beginning, the girl’s family objected strongly on her dating this guy. Saying that it has got to do with family background & that the girl will have to suffer for the rest of her life if she were to be with him.

Due to family’s pressure, the couple quarrel very often. Though the girl love the guy deeply, but she always ask him: “How deep is your love for me?”

As the guy is not good with his words, this often cause the girl to be very upset. With that & the family’s pressure, the girl often vent her anger on him. As for him, he only endure it in silence. Read more…

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The Difference between Love and Like

July 21st, 2010 No comments

These are some words about love i that got from email. It’s about the difference between love and like. Sometimes we don’t realize how we feel to the person arround us. And many people regret later after all he/she loves already gones. Maybe after reading this, you will know better about your feeling. Don’t be late to express your feeling to someone you love.

In front of the person you love, your heart beats faster
But in front of the person you like , you get happy.

In front of the person you love, winter seems like spring
But in front of the person you like, winter is just a beautiful winter.

If you look into the eyes of the one you love, you blush
But if you look into the eyes of the one you like, you smile.

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