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Wonderful Story : My little Angel, Please Teach Us about Love…

July 3rd, 2012 No comments

It is kinda difficult to define what is love? What kind of action considered as love? Sometime we still confuse to know what is love. There are a lot of way to express our love to someone we care. For parents, love doesn’t always to give all what their children want. Sometime love can form as painful experience that train us to become a better person. There are a lot of Love Lesson. Some movie give good lesson about love, such as If Only that teaches us how to love a person sincerely. Children of Heaven and Homerun are also good movies that teach us about love between brother and sister. Beside those good movies, i also have a good story that teach us about love. Just read the story below. It’s about a kind-hearted girl who live in India.

teach me love

My wife said to me when i was reading newspaper, “How much longer do you read the newspaper? Can you come here and help your daughter to eat.”

I put the newspaper and saw my only daughter, named Sindu, looked frightened. On her front, there is a bowl of Indian curd rice. Sindu is 8 years old child, and she is sweet and smart. She really did not like to eat rice curd. My mother and wife is still old-fashioned, they believe that eating curd rice will cause “cooling effect“. I took the bowl and said: “Sindu dear, for your father, would you eat a few spoonfuls of this curd rice? If not, your mother would yell to me.”

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Wonderful Story : Last Kiss

June 5th, 2012 1 comment

It’s been a long time since the last time i wrote about short story that inspiring and motivating. Today i will share to you another good story that i have for you. Parents love to their children is unconditionally. Since we still a child until grown up, our parents always love us unconditionally. As we grown up, we begin to keep up appearance and want to appear as cool teenager. Sometimes we feel embarrassed when our parent hug or kiss us, because we feel that we are not kid anymore. Some teenager even yell to their parent when they find something annoying from their parents. If you usually do that, i suggest you to think for a while. Is it appropriate? Read this story below, and stop do anything that can make your parents sad.


Board of Directors meeting has just ended. Bob stand up and accidentally knocked the table, so the coffee spilled on his notes.

Oh nooo, i am so embarrassing, already old but still mess up ..

Everyone laugh, and then a minute later, we all started telling the most painful moments in the past. And after a while, it is now Frank turn who tell his story.

Come on Frank, it’s your turn. Please tell us, what’s most uncomfortable moment you ever experienced.

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Wonderful Story : A Boy, The Ice Cream Buyer

March 26th, 2012 1 comment

In this modern world, a lot of people always judge a person from their material background. I myself have experienced it couple of times. People always despise the people who don’t have excess material, and contrarily they will admire rich people. They tend to make friends with people on the same level or above them. Poor people are often treated not politely and not respectfully. I personally strongly disagree with this. Why? Because people’s fate will not always be the same forever. People who are wealthy now can become poor some day, while poor people can also become rich some day. There are no certain things in this world. Anything can happen. Therefore I do not like people who only look at people just from material. To learn something about this, I have one short story that might open our eyes so we do not always see things from the material. Every people in this world is important. Wherever we must treat everyone with courtesy, dignity, and with respect.

plain ice cream

Sunday afternoon in a mall, an eight-year-old boy walked into a store where ice cream stand belong. Because he was short, he had to climb to see the waitress. His shabby appearance contrasted with the frenetic atmosphere of the mall which is fragrant and beautiful. Read more…

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Wonderful Story : Sowing and Reaping (Winston Churcill & Alexander Flemming True Story)

July 11th, 2011 2 comments

Many people today do not believe the law of cause and effect. In Buddhism this familiar with the name of Karma, in Christianity known as sowing and reaping. Basically every human actions will cause and effect. Whether it resulted directly or indirectly. Because of distrust of modern humans at this, causing so many people today are not afraid to do something bad. This is what caused the world becomes increasingly chaotic lately. The following story is a true story about the law of cause and effect which could be a good example to illustrate how the so-called sowing and reaping.


One day a young man was walking in the woods, he suddenly heard a cry for help. Apparently he saw a young age as he was struggling with a floating sludge. The more moving even deeper he sank. The first young man had desperately wanted to give his help. With great effort the second young man’s can be saved. The first young man then take the second young man returned to his home. Read more…

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Wonderful Story : Never Stop Helping Each Other

September 30th, 2010 No comments

George Whitefieled: “I’ve never felt better than when I do my best to God.”

The quote above remind us to always remember our identity as human beings. Do what the best for God, which is do kindness to all people in the world unconditionally. Don’t use our weakness to not doing good to other people. There is an interesting story taken from the book Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul and based on a true story which quoted from an article in Arizona newspaper in 1985, about a call for action to save others.

Bob Butler lost both his legs because of mine explosion during the Vietnam war in 1965. He returned as a war hero. Twenty years later, he proved that heroism comes from the heart.

One day in summer, Butler was working in the garage in a small town in Arizona. At that moment he heard a woman screaming hysterically from the back of his neighbor’s house. He pedaled his wheelchair into the house and headed to the backyard. But there is a locked fence that does not allow the wheelchair to pass. The veteran then got out of the chair, jump over the fence with both hands and crawled through the bushes and grass as soon as possible.

I shall soon get there,” he said. “No matter whether it will be painful and hurt my body.”

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Wonderful Story : Bouquet of Flower for Mom

August 25th, 2010 No comments

Two days ago, i hear a lectures about how our relationship with our parents should be. Sometimes we forget how much our parent love us in this life. We usually care about our girlfriend / wife, but forget about our parents. Hope this story can give some insight view of how we behave to our parents. This is the story about a man who want to give flower to his mother


A man stopped on flower shop to buy a bouquet of flower that will be sent to his mother who lived 250 km from him. After going out from his car, he saw a small girl standing on the road while walking burst into tears. The man asked why the little girl was crying and the little girl said, “I want to buy a spray of red roses to my mother. But I just have some five hundred rupiah, while the price of the rose is a thousand rupiah.”

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Let’s learn love from lizards

August 7th, 2010 No comments

Okay. Today i share a very touching story about lizards. This story came from Japan. In this story we will learn about love again. With love, anything can happen. Nothing imposibble for love. Here are the story


When renovating a house, someone tried to broke down the wall. Houses in Japan usually have an empty space between the walls that made from wood. When the walls start falling, he found a lizard trapped between the empty space in his feet attached to a letter.

He felt pity but curious too. Then after he checked the letter, he apparently know that the letter existed there 10 years ago when the house was first built.

What happened ? How lizards can survive with conditions that trapped for 10 years?

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Wonderful Story : The Value of a Glass of Milk

July 5th, 2010 No comments

Today i will share another wonderful story. The point of the story is about always doing good to other people. No matter what happen, never stop doing something good and never stop helping other people. We don’t know what will happen in the future. So it’s better always doing good to everyone everyday. Ok… here are the story.

Once upon a time there is a very poor boy, feeling hungry. That boy decided to ask for food to a house he found. But the boy suddenly loses his courage, when a young woman open the door. The boy was discouraged and he don’t dare to ask for food, and he only  ask a glass of water. The woman saw the boy and thought that the boy must be hungry. That’s why the woman bring a glass of milk to him. Read more…

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Wonderful Story : I Cried For My Brother Six Times

June 18th, 2010 4 comments

Nowdays, there are many conflicts around sibling in a family. So many people even fight each other more seriously when they grown up. What i most found in real life is the conflicts between sibling (brother / sister) who fight each other to obtain  heritage when their parents is gone. This is the prove that people’s morality decrease significantly. Sometimes we have to think for a while. Is it worth it if we have to fight each other for money or something else. There are a good story show how the true brother/sister relationship should be. One of them are the Children of Heaven which you can found on my recommended movie post. But today, I will share another good story to read. This is about love between brother and sister. Hope this story will make us to ponder about our relationship with our sibling or another family member. Happy reading…..

I was born in a secluded village of a mountain.Days by days my parents plowed the yellow dry soilwith their backs facing the sky.

I have a younger brother, 3 years younger than me.Once, to buy a handkerchief which all girls around meseemed to have, I stole 50 cents from my father’s drawer. Father known about it right away. He made my younger brother and me kneeled against the wall, with a bamboo stick in his hand. “Who stole the money?” he asked. Read more…