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Wonderful Story : Never Stop Helping Each Other

September 30th, 2010 No comments

George Whitefieled: “I’ve never felt better than when I do my best to God.”

The quote above remind us to always remember our identity as human beings. Do what the best for God, which is do kindness to all people in the world unconditionally. Don’t use our weakness to not doing good to other people. There is an interesting story taken from the book Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul and based on a true story which quoted from an article in Arizona newspaper in 1985, about a call for action to save others.

Bob Butler lost both his legs because of mine explosion during the Vietnam war in 1965. He returned as a war hero. Twenty years later, he proved that heroism comes from the heart.

One day in summer, Butler was working in the garage in a small town in Arizona. At that moment he heard a woman screaming hysterically from the back of his neighbor’s house. He pedaled his wheelchair into the house and headed to the backyard. But there is a locked fence that does not allow the wheelchair to pass. The veteran then got out of the chair, jump over the fence with both hands and crawled through the bushes and grass as soon as possible.

I shall soon get there,” he said. “No matter whether it will be painful and hurt my body.”

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Wonderful Story : The Fish and The Water

August 16th, 2010 No comments

In life, we frequently complain about anything arround us. Sometimes we do not appreciate what we already have. If you ever watch a movie title Click by Adam Sandler, you’ll know what i mean. Sometimes we do not pay attention to what we already have. Sometimes we are less grateful with what exists arround us. But when all of them already gone, we feel lost and feel that what we had before were tremendous gift that we were not aware of. That’s too late. The following story hopefully can raise our awareness to love everything we alreaedy have arround us.


One day a father and son were sitting and chatting on the riverbank. The father said to his son, "Look to river, my son, the water is so important in this life, without water we will all die."

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