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Benefits of Vegetarianism

January 21st, 2013 No comments

When I decided to become a vegetarian 14 years ago, the number of vegetarian people is not as many as now. At that time the number of vegetarian stall in the my city was below 5. And there is very few people who know what is vegetarian about. So it’s kinda hard to find vegetarian food when i was outside. At that time, not a few people think that vegetarian is only for  fool. Why we have to be vegetarian if there are a lot of delicious food we can eat out there? That the words were often asked by my friends and my family about the vegetarian. But over time, vegetarian become increasingly common and worldwide. Now, most people know about vegetarian. And there are a lot of people (including important and famous people) from each country who suggest vegetarian. What is the good being a vegetarian? What is the benefit of vegetarianism? Here I will explain a few points why a lot of people say that vegetarianism is good not only for us, but for the world.

benefit of vegetarian

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Vegetarian Facts : Climate Change and Meat Consumption

June 12th, 2012 No comments

It has been almost 12 years since i decided to become a vegetarian. There are many reason why i choose to become a vegetarian. There are a lot difficulty i have been going through in these past 10 years. There were very few people who become vegetarian in my city. So it’s kinda difficult to find something to eat when i was going out with friends. Some of my family and friends often mocked me because i didn’t want to eat meat. But after more than 10 years has passed, people’s view about vegetarian is not same as before.

Vegetarian become more popular around the world. Many people are already aware of the goodness of vegetarian. In recent years, there are many organizations in the world began to suggest people to decrease the consumption of meat.

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In addition to health reason, being vegetarian can help the earth to avoid from destruction. Recent years, the weather around the world has changed a lot. This is because the world is increasingly damaged and chaotic due to human activity. In my country, Indonesia, we know there are two seasons in a year, which are dry season and rainy season. Read more…

Travel in China (Tianjin) : 人民公园 Renmin Gongyuan and 圆满素食饭馆 Yuanman Restaurant (First Vegetarian Restaurant in Tian Jin)

June 25th, 2011 No comments

Today I once again visit several public place in Tian Jin. Because I am a vegan, there is one place i always want to visit when i am in Tianjin. It’s the Vegetarian Restaurant in Tianjin. And yesterday, i use my free time to find Vegetarian restaurant in Tian Jin. Like usual, i was accompanied by my girlfriend today. Vegetarian Restaurant is rather difficult to find here. Unlike my hometown, Surabaya, there are many depots and vegetarian restaurant you can find. In Tian Jin, i’ve only found three vegetarian restaurant from the internet. The first restaurant is the one that i visited yesterday, Yuan Man Restaurant (圆满素食饭馆 Yuanman Sushi Fanguan). Yesterday i use MRT from my campus to 下挖风 Xia Wa Feng station before i continue go to the restaurant by bus. Before i go to the restaurant, I spend a little time to look arround one of Tian Jin parks named People Park (人民公园 Renmin Gongyuan).

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Global Warming : Save Our Planet, Let’s Be Vegetarian

November 2nd, 2010 No comments

It’s been quite long i’ve been a vegetarian. It’s almost 12 years ago, since i decide to stop eating meat and become total vegetarian. If i compared the condition when i decide to become vegetarian with now, there are a lot of thing has changed for the past 10 years. In 1999, there are still a lot of common people who pout vegetarian people. My family frequently said something bad about vegetarian, but i choose to ignored them because i know that vegetarian is good and it’s a matter of time that Vegetarian will become trend in the future. If i remember 10 years ago, it’s still rare to find vegetarian restaurant even in a big city like Surabaya. But now, there are a lot of vegetarian restaurant opened arround in every city arround my country. The amount of people who want to be vegetarian keep increasing day by day. The inovation about vegetarian food seems keep growing day by day, as we know that the interest of eating vegetarian food will increasing everyday.

Me and My Friends at one of Vegetarian Restaurant in Surabaya

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