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Google Adsense : Passive income that can make your life more freely & enjoyable

April 10th, 2011 1 comment

One year ago, one of my friend just arrived from Bangkok, Thailand. At the time I was wondering what she doing for living, so she can traveling anytime she want. Seeing her make me remember what i really want since long time ago. Work for other people company really consuming time. I feel lack of time for myself. So i want a job that can generate passive income. And that time i saw real prove of someone who already have passive income job. After i asked, i just know that what she doing is internet marketing. As we know there are a lot of way how to make money on the internet. When i ask to my friend, she said that her biggest income came from Google Adsense. After that, i decide to learn Google Adsense more intensively. Now, i can generate some passive income from Google Adsense, even not as big as my friend’s. Today, i want to share a little about Google Adsense. Hmm…. What is Google Adsense? If you still confused about what is Google Adsense, i will explain a little below…


Google Adsense Basic :

Several years ago, Google began to receive advertising via banner in every search process via Google calls this program DNG name: Google Adwords. Then Google also offers to the owners of the website to join this display ads from Google, with a fee system for the “payment per click“. So if advertisers via AdWords pay the dollar / cents to Google for each click their ad, then some will be given to the owner of the website that this program, called Google Adsense.

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Maximize Your Google Adsense Income using Google Analytics

October 21st, 2010 1 comment

There are many people i know can live in luxury just depend on income from Google Adsense. If you said that is something too good to be true, i think you just don’t know enough how to make money using Google Adsense. Based on my experiences, Google Adsense earning highly impacted by the traffic of your website. Large amount of traffic to your website usually generate good adsense income. But sometimes huge amount of traffic is not a guarantee to increase your Adsense income. Analysing and research deeper about your website will help you to maximize your income. To do this, you’ll need Google Analytics.

In this article i’ll give you step by step guide how to use Google Analytics to help you maximize your profit (especially Adsense). The first thing you must do is link your website into Google Analytics account.

Link Your Website to Google Analytics

To make the data of your website appear on Google Analytics, you have to link your website with Google Analytics.

If you already have Google Analytics account then go directly to, if you haven’t just create Google Account first then go to and follow the instructions.

First you have to add your website domain into Google Analytics.

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Beware of Fake Google Adsense Report

August 3rd, 2010 No comments

Google Adsense is one method used by the Internet Marketer / Blogger to make money. Adsense popularity has been boosted since a long time ago. So no wonder so many products Adsense Guidelines that emerged in the market. For those of you who are new in this field, it better if you be more careful in examining the products you want to buy. Do not easily believe in the screenshots that show the income of thousands of dollars from Adsense. Why? Because to make a screenshot like that is very easily with the help of Photoshop. Especially now there is even software that can make revenue statements like this in seconds.

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How to solve missing Adsense Gadget and disappeared Adsense Tab on Monetize in Blogger

July 2nd, 2010 6 comments

Recently I found a problem on my blogger blog. This is just a small problem but quite annoying for me. I miss the option to Add a Adsense Gadget feature in the layout screen on Blogger. Usually if we click Design and click Add a Gadget there will be 20 gadget choices on popup. But one of my blog has only 19 gadget choice (and the missing gadget is Adsense Gadget). The same thing happen when i click Monetize on Blogger menu, there only one tab shown which is Amazon Associates. All Adsense tab like Adsense Overview and Adsense For Feeds is missing.

After query some search on Google and Blogger help, i couldn’t find any answer to solve this problem. And then i tried to check my blog setting more deeply. And the problem is solved. So if you have the same problem with me, just read this guide below.

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