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All About Euro 2012 : Creating History Together

June 8th, 2012 No comments

Euro 2012 official kickoff begins tonight. Poland will open the biggest soccer tournament in Europe by match with Euro 2004 winners Greece in the National Stadium, Warsaw. With the start of Euro 2012, then I probably would often stay up all night to watch the Euro. I myself was one of football lovers. Every time I read the newspaper in the morning, I would always read the sports section first. Euro 2012 is held in two countries, Ukraine and Poland. The match will be held in 8 cities from 8 June until  1 July 2012.

euro 2012 official logo

Euro 2012 Official Logo

For you all of soccer fans, i will share to you all about Euro 2012 in this post. First i want to share about Euro 2012 avatar. I got this avatar from Kaskus forum in this thread. Read more…

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Jeremy “Linsanity” Lin : New NBA Phenomenon

February 16th, 2012 No comments

Today morning, i read newspaper and found something very interesting. And its the fourth times in a row there are news about Jeremy Lin aka “Linsanity“, the Taiwanese NBA Player who just drafted and played for New York Knicks. Yesterday night, Jeremy Lin once again make a new sensation by scored 27 points and 12 assists to make Knicks win over Raptors in Toronto. The more exciting part is this time Jeremy Lin made a 3 point shot just couple seconds before the game end. This shot gave Knicks their sixth win in a row. No doubt, Jeremy Lin is now the NBA Phenomenon. All the NBA media talks about him.

Jeremy Lin
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