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Beware of Fake Google Adsense Report

Google Adsense is one method used by the Internet Marketer / Blogger to make money. Adsense popularity has been boosted since a long time ago. So no wonder so many products Adsense Guidelines that emerged in the market. For those of you who are new in this field, it better if you be more careful in examining the products you want to buy. Do not easily believe in the screenshots that show the income of thousands of dollars from Adsense. Why? Because to make a screenshot like that is very easily with the help of Photoshop. Especially now there is even software that can make revenue statements like this in seconds.

How to make report like above? Just enter this following address


Furthermore, just enter your desired number and then click Generate Cash. It will generate Adsense reports like the above screenshots.

Easy right? So … My advice, before buying a product about Adsense Guide, it is a good idea for us to examine some reviews of people who already bought. It’s better if you could ask the person directly by email / messenger to avoid manipulation of testimonials.

Hope this tips will of help you …

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