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Best Chinese English Dictionary for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows Mobile, Android Phone

When my friend asked me what the most important tool I have during my stay in China? Perhaps many people don’t know what’s the most important thing i have during my stay here. The answer is English-Chinese dictionary software. Because i am here to learn language, Chinese-English Dictionary is a crucial tool to help faster my progress to learn chinese language here. Use physical dictionary book already outdated. It’s time to use Electronic Dictionary right now. Currently, there a lot of electronic dictionary out there you can choose. I myself already try a lot of gadget here, from Alfalink, Besta, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, mobile phone that using Windows Mobile OS and mobile phone that using Android OS.

Based on my experience using all of them, best gadget for Chinese-English dictionary is Apple gadget (iPod, iPad and iPhone) and mobile phone that using Android and Windows Mobile OS as its operating system. What the reason i choose them? That because of dictionary software that provided for them are truly the best and very practical to use. I can search new Chinese word very fast, even when i am in bus, MRT or somewhere else. So, what is the best chinese english dictionary software provided for these gadget? Here are the best three of them :

  1. Pleco
    Support : iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, and Palm OS
    Price : Free (Not Complete Version)Pleco Software is created by little New York company. Personally i used this software as my primary dictionary here. This dictionary no doubt is one of the best chinese software you can use. There are several advantages using this software. This software can search the words base on pinyin, chinese character (汉字), or english. You can search all of them on single search field. This software also based on 8 famous dictionary including ABC Dictionary, 21st Century, Oxford, Xiandai Hanyu Guifan Cidian, etc . Its also support handwriting input and give stroke order diagrams. You can also make a customizable flashcard systems for practicing.
  2. QingWen
    Support : iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
    Price : $4.99With Pleco, QingWen is one of the most complete dictionary you can use right now. Similar to Pleco, Lookup a word is very fast and easy. With just one search field which takes anything you throw at it – chinese character (汉字), Pinyin or English. Combine with Pleco, these two dictionary will support each other as your powerful tools for learning chinese.
  3. nciku
    Support : iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad, Android OS, bada OS
    Price : FreeWhen i am using laptop, nciku is the best online chinese dictionary on the web (beside Google). On mobile gadget, nciku simply one of the best software you can use. The database is quite complete and the sentence examples in this software is quite good. One of the advantage of nciku is a component characters features. The Chinese words that contain 2 or more characters will have Component Characters inside the description. You can understand what the meaning of each characters that form a words you currently search.

Actually I don’t use Apple gadget to use English Chinese dictionary. I am using my old Samsung 1780 with Windows Mobile 6.2 as the Operating System as my tools to help my learning progress. Everyday i use Pleco Dictionary for Learning Chinese here.

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