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Lovely Google Finance New Interface

Google Finance is one of my favourites website to visit. Yesterday, i found something different in this website. Yes. If you frequently used this web too, you will know that there are a lot of change in this web. After trying it about 2 hour, my impression is very very good. I’m impressed with the change. Here are the significant new features that i love from the new interface.



new Logo. very nice

left side

Love this feature. can monitor my recent quotes at up left side of the screen


Simple. This is why i love google.

Picture 2

New fg also display several other market indexes, more currencies and complete bond rate level.


Picture 3

This is very useful to know relative strength of the stock compared to industry and the whole market

Picture 5

Wooowwwwww… really really new update from fg. so nice we can see chart like this on fg.

We can set and customize the chart by setting the configuration below the chart

Picture 8

Beside the old Line chart, we now can change the chart to OHLC, Candlestick format

Picture 7

Add technical indicator whatever you want. So significant upgrade on this one

Picture 6

This new feature is one of my most favourite one. We can change the column parameter as we want. So powerful new feature.

The other important upgrade from google (i don’t know, when it started) for you who play or follow INDONESIAN STOCK MARKET, you can access indonesian stock in fg right now.  Stock like TLKM (Telkomsel), BUMI (Bumi Resources), BBCA (BCA Bank), etc can be viewed in google right now.

Overall, the new interface really impress me. This of course make me visit more frequently to finance google right now. With all new feature, i don’t need to visit some other finance web anymore. Just visit finance google, and you can get anything you want. This improvement saves our time, because it very simple and very easy to use. Hopes the development team can always give another suprise like this in the future. I very satisfy and enjoy this new interface. GREAT JOB !!!

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