Attending 3 days Global Internet Summit Workshop Seminar


Today i will attend 3 days Global Internet Summit (GIS) Workshop Seminar at Kowloon Palace International at Plaza Surabaya. For me, this is the first step to build my online business after i resigned from my workplace. A Lot of speaker who train in this seminar is a success internet marketer like Adam Ginsberg, Ewen Cia, Fabian Lim, Jaz Lai, Shaun Stenning, Terence Tan, Vince Tan and Alok Jain. I feel very enthusiasm to attend this seminar, because i love internet marketing field. My brother also attended this seminar at jakarta 2 years ago. He must paid IDR 4.000.000 (around $400) for the seminar. And for this seminar i will attend today, i only paid IDR 147.000 ($15). What an unbelievable price. I will attend this seminar with my brother. Hope i will get some inspiration to start my online business.

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  1. Did you buy anyones stuff? I am going to see GIS in Australia and i’m in a bad place.. really need to make money fast for my family.
    Can you help with your advise?
    I found a post, but now its gone.
    Thank you for your help and I like reading your blog.
    PS: you can email at my address you required me to give, thank you.

  2. helo david,
    I bought only one program from the seminar. I bought shaun stenning program. Honestly i write my result on the program in my blog, but seems shaun don’t like it. He personally ask me to remove all my post about his program, even i show the real fact. What i can advise you is “There is no fast money you’ll get from Internet Marketing”. It needs passion, focus and extra efforts to make it success (same like real business).