Ariel Peterporn shows how powerful Social Media in the Internet

Recent days my country hit by horrendous news. Sex scandal that entangle a top singer Ariel Peterpan (recently changed into “Ariel Peterporn“) with such top artists Luna Maya and Cut Tari seems to be the topic which dominated all the news in the media. Ranging from TV shows, newspapers, magazines to news portals on the internet, all their headline filled with this news. I do not want to comment further about their video. From this, we can see how horrible and how powerful the internet media impact the world right now. In fact this trend was originally just started from a share in facebook, but the impact can be like this. Spread the news on the Internet run faster than any media worldwide.

On Twitter, this topic reached one of 10 trending topic most talked for today. It really really fenomenal. Quite embarrassing seeing trending topic of my country came from something negative. The popularity of “Ariel Peterporn” even beat the subject “iPhone 4” which was recently launched. So it’s not supprised that this trend even attract attention to Vicky Vette, a porn artist in US. Some people in Twitter also share by RT (retweet) to inform that Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton also curious about Ariel. But afterwhile, the RT confirmed as a hoax.

From all the thing i mentioned above is enough to show how powerful the social media in the internet right now. But we should use social media to expand our business, not for something like this. Now we understand the potential of social media. So the rest is totally depend on you. Do you want to use it for something useful or keep share “Ariel Peterporn” thing.

Just my rambling thoughts for today…

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