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A Happy Trip to Singapore (Day 6) : Singapore Zoo and Clarke Quay

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List of tourist attraction visited today :

  • Singapore Zoo
  • Chinese Garden
  • Clarke Quay 

It’s already 5 days passed in Singapore. We already visited almost all the main tourist destination in Singapore. After spent the whole day at Universal Studio of Singapore yesterday, now it’s our time to visited Singapore Zoo, the most visited place of interest in Singapore based on Straight Times (Singapore local newspaper) in 2009. Actually, i plan to go to Singapore Botanic Garden first before heading to Singapore Zoo. But i was afraid we would not have enough time to visit all of place in that day, because we still have to visit my childhood friend, Cynthia who live in Singapore. We were out of the hotel earlier that day. Because we were a little saturated with the food at the food stall in front of our hotel, so that day we decided to eat at another place. Based on what i searched earlier on the internet, we went to Aljunied MRT Station. There were 2 vegetarian restaurant there. We took the bus at the bus stop we usually get off (Yi Xiu Fty Bldg). It need only 2 bus stop to arrive at Aljunied MRT Station. We finally found the vegetarian restaurant, it’s called Ci Hang Vegetarian Fast Food. But it’s still closed that time. There was a paper in the door said that it will open at 10:00. Because it’s already 09:45 that time, we decided to wait. Fortunately, the owner of the restaurant know that we were waiting outside, so she let us to came in before 10:00.

Ci Hang Vegetarian Fast Food Singapore

Ci Hang Vegetarian Fast Food

That time i and my brother ordered a vegetarian chicken rice. Chicken rice is one of specialties in Singapore, so we want to try the vegetarian version of it. Too bad, the taste is plain and it’s just a common beancurd. We also bought some friend rice as preparation for lunch and some instant noodle. After had breakfast, we walked to Aljunied MRT Station that located right beside the restaurant to continue our trip.

Singapore Zoo

This park was formerly known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens and commonly known locally as the Mandai Zoo.  This park is extremely huge. It said the total area of the park is approximately 28 hectares. There are total more than 300 species in this park and some of them are considered threatened species. The location of Singapore Zoo is quite far from the city. It’s located on the north part of Singapore island. It’s need about 1 hour trip (MRT+Bus) if you go from the city. We took the MRT from Aljunied (East West Line) to Ang Mo Kio (North South Line). We got off at Ang Mo Kio and head to bus interchange station outside the MRT station. We took SBS 138 bus to go to Singapore Zoo. After half hour of trip, we finally arrived to Singapore Zoo around 12 o’clock.

How to Go to Singapore Zoo

You must go by MRT first to go to the bus station where the bus to Singapore Zoo located. There are 2 options to go to Singapore Zoo, which are through Choa Chu Kang Station or Ang Mo Kio Station. If you go through Choa Chu Kang Station (North South Line), you can take bus SMRT 927 bus that will take you directly to Singapore Zoo. If you go through Ang Mo Kio Station (North South Line), then you have to go to bus interchange station. Just follow the sign on when you get out from MRT station, then take bus SBS 138.

Singapore Zoo Entrance Gate

The ticket price to enter Singapore Zoo are :

– Zoo Admission Ticket Only
Adult : S$ 20
Child : S$ 13

– Zoo Admission Ticket With Tram
Adult : S$ 25
Child : S$ 16

– Zoo-Per Saver (Admission Ticket + Tram + Boat)
Adult : S$ 25
Child : S$ 17

Because i bought the ticket using chinese language, the booth give me a chinese guide map. When i enter the zoo, i exchange my map with english version one. You can’t pick the guide map by yourself in this place. You must ask the map to the officers who stand at entrance gate.

Singapore Zoo Guide Map

Singapore Zoo Map

Click the picture to enlarge


It’s take about more than 4 hours to circumnavigate the entire area at the Singapore Zoo. We finally get out from the zoo almost 5 o’clock. From this place, our next destination is my friend’s house that located at Jurong East. We took the bus SBS 927 to go to Choa Chu Kang MRT Station. We took the MRT and get off at Jurong East. We continued our trip by bus to go to my friend’s house. My friend, Cynthia, was live at Indonesia before. But after got married, she followed her husband to live at Singapore. She just gave birth a baby just couple days when we visited her. My friend’s house is near to Chinese Garden. So after took some time for almost an hour in her house, we was delivered by her husband and her mother (which are also my mother’s friend) to visit Chinese Garden.

Chinese Garden


This place is also well known as Jurong Garden. The place was designed with oriental chinese architecture. You can see a tall pagoda building from far. Actually there are some acrobatic and lampion show inside the garden, but we have to pay S$12 to enter. Because most of us didn’t want to enter, we then just took some pictures in front of the entrance gate.

Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden Singapore

Chinese Garden in Singapore

Chinese Garden MRT station is right in front of the park. So we just walk a little to enter MRT station and continue our trip to the next destination, Clarke Quay.

Clarke Quay

This is absolutely the most beautiful place at night in Singapore. Clarke Quay is the name of a road along the quay that located within Singapore Riverside Planning Area, part of which has since been converted into a pedestrian mall. For me, this is my favorite place to visit in Singapore. Beside the scenery is beautiful, there are a lot of unique restaurant there. You can also find Turkish Ice Cream and G-Max Reverse Bungee. We spent some time sitting in front of Central mall in Clarke Quay. We also ate some pizza for dinner there. I was a little surprised seeing the atmosphere at Clarke Quay. The people who walk around there was incredible crowded. Compared to when i visit 2 years ago, it much more crowded.

One of 12 chinese zodiac lampion (Pig)

Dog Lampion

Monkey Lampion

Dragon Lampion


Sexy dancer in Persian Restaurant

 Martial Art Fighting in the middle of Clarke Quay

The unique Turkish Ice Cream

G-Max Reverse Bungee


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