A Happy Trip to Singapore (Day 5) : Have Fun All Day in Universal Studios

This was the day that we have long been waiting for. No doubt, Universal Studio was the most exciting place we visited in our 7 days trip. For me, visiting Universal Studio is the thing must to do if you go to Singapore, especially if you are teenager who love to play in amusement park. Because Universal Studio Singapore open 10:00 everyday, so we got out from hotel around 9 o’clock. Like usual, we had breakfast at the food stall near the hotel. We took the same bus like yesterday (double decker bus no 80) from Opp Mohd Salleh Mque bus stop directly to Vivo City. One again, we sit on the upper level of the bus to enjoy the view of Singapore. After arrived at Vivo City, we directly went to 3rd floor where Sentosa Station was located. We took the Sentosa Express to go to Universal Studio. After got down at the first station (Waterfront), we finally arrived at Universal Studio area. The day was quite sunny, so it’s a perfect time to play all day in this park.

Universal Studio Singapore

From the Waterstation, we walked to the entrance gate of Universal Studio of Singapore. From a distance, we could see a giant globe that has been the hallmark of Universal Studio. We took a pictures there, and after that we exchanged receipts of the tickets we bought in advance with the entrance ticket.

Universal Studio Singapore Globe

Universal Studio Entrance Gate

Universal Studio Entrance Gate

Like usual, each time i go to amusement park, the first thing i will do is picking the Guide Map. The Universal Studio Guide Map is located near the entrance gate.

Universal Studio Guide Map 2012

Universal Studio Guide Map

Universal Studio Singapore Guide Map 2012

Click the picture to enlarge

From the entrance gate, we will walk through Hollywood area. There are a lot of shops that sell souvenirs in this area.

Poo Kungfu Panda in Universal Studio

Taking Photo with Poo from Kungfu Panda

From Hollywood area, we can choose which area we want to go first, turn left to go to Madagascar area and turn right to go to New York area. Most people usually will choose to go to New York area first, because a lot of exciting ride are in Sci-Fi City and Ancient Egypt that located next to New York area. I choosed the opposite way, which were went to Madagascar area first. Why i choose this way? Because usually the exciting ride like Transformer Ride, Battlestar GalacticaRevenge of The Mummy will be very crowded at the morning and the noon. So i decide to play in Madagascar area and Far Far Away area first.

Mr. Frankenstein

Hollywood Walk of Fame


Madagascar is a suitable place for children. We enter a ride called Madagascar : A Crate Adventure in this area. In this ride, we sit in a small vehicle to run inside the cave with a lot of Madagascar character inside

Madagascar in Universal Studio

Madagascar in Universal Studio


Madagascar A Crate Adventure

Madagascar A Crate Adventure in Universal Studio

Madagascar : A Crate Adventure

Inside Madagascar A Crate Adventure

Inside Madagascar : A Crate Adventure

Madagascar A Crate Adventure Ride

Madagascar Food Court

Madagascar Food Court

Far Far Away

From Madagascar, we entered Far Far Away area. There were 2 exciting attraction in this area, Enchanted Airways (dragon roller coaster) and Shrek 4D (watch about 15 minutes of 4D movie). Because my nephew couldn’t play on both attraction, so we decided to play alternately. Me and my brothers play first, while the rest took a picture around Far Far Away Kingdom. There were several characters from Shrek movie in this area, including Shrek, Princess Fiona and Puss in Boots.

Far Far Away in Universal Studio

In front of Shrek House

Far Far Away Castle in Universal Studio

My younger brother in front of Far Far Away Castle

Far Far Away Area

Shrek 4D in Universal Studio

My sister-in-law in front of Shrek 4D Castle

Shrek and Princess Fiona

Puss in Boots

Water World

This is what i missed when i went to Universal Studio 2 years ago. This area is built based on the movie that was starred by Kevin Costner. Even the movie failed to reach success, but the story is unique and used as one of the show in Universal Studio. There is a schedule of the Water World show. I watched the show when my mother and my sister in law were watching Shrek 4D. The show was extremely amazing. One of must see performance show if you enter Universal Studio.

Tips when watching Water World : Don’t sit on the front seat, because you will be soaked wet

Water World in Universal Studio

Water World Show

Water World Show in USS

Water World in Universal Studio Singapore

Waterworld in Universal Studio

Waterworld in USS

The Lost World

We took a rest for a while in The Lost World to grab some bread and snacks. After that, me and my brothers play Jurassic Rapid Adventure. In this attraction we ride a rapid boat-shaped that running around in circles following the rushing flow of water. Because we already brought changing clothes, so we dare to play this attraction. After the play, my both brothers was soaking wet. Fortunately, i just a little wet. So i didn’t need to change clothes that time.

The Lost World in Universal Studio


Jurassic Park in Universal Studio


Sci Fi City

From here we went to Sci Fi City first to play Transformer The Ride and Battlestar Galactica, the most exciting and thrilling ride attraction in Universal Studio.  When i visited USS 2 years ago, both of them had not open yet. So i was very excited this time, because this was my experience riding both of them. First, we went to Transformer The Ride. As i expected, the ride was not too crowded in the afternoon. I didn’t need to queue to play in this ride. As my younger brother told, Transformer The Ride really… really… amazing. I even entered the ride twice.

Sci Fi City in Universal Studio

Optimus Prime in Universal Studio


Bumblebee in Universal Studio

 My brother with Bumblebee

Optmius Prime

 Optimus Prime

Transformer The Ride

 Inside Transformer The Ride

Transformer The Ride in Universal Studio

After Transformer The Ride, we play in Battlestar Galactica. There are two side of this ride, which are Human (Red Track) and Cyclon (Blue Track). Human is a seated roller coaster, meanwhile Cyclon is hanging roller coaster. That time, all of us play the Human. This roller coaster was thrilling and scaring. It’s really awesome. After tried the Human, i invites all to play again as Cyclon. But seems all of them didn’t dare to play as Cyclone. So finally, i played alone as Cyclone in Battlestar Galactica.

Battlestar Galactica - Human


Battlestar Galactica - Cyclon


Ancient Egypt

From Sci Fi City we played in ancient Egypt. There were 2 ride in this area, Revenge of The Mummy and Treasure Hunter.  Revenge of The Mummy is the most exciting and thrilling ride when i came to Universal Studio 2 years ago. That time, Battlestar Galactica and Transformer The Ride had not open.

Ancient Egypt in Universal Studio

Ancient Egypt in USS

Cleopatra in Universal Studio

Anck-su-Namun in Ancient Egypt

The Revenge of The Mummy in Universal Studio

 The Revenge of The Mummy

Treausure Hunter in Universal Studio

My mom, my brother and my nephew in Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter


New York

The last area we walked around was New York area. In this area, there were a lot of performance we could see, from Sesame Street, Street Dance, Classic New York Show, etc. We didn’t forget to enter Live, Camera, Action! Hosted by Stephen Spielberg to watch the beautiful and amazing technology that used by Hollywood movie.

Sesame Street in Universal Studio

Sesame Street

Betty in Universal Studio

Betty Boop in New York Area

New York in Universal Studio

New York Area in Universal Studio

Street Dance in Universal Studio

Street Dance Performance Show

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  1. Nice photos, but I do believe the “Cleopatra” there is actually supposed to be Anck-su-Namun from “The Mummy”. She is known as the Nile Princess in the park.