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A Happy Trip to Singapore (Day 4) : Vivo City, Harbourfront and Sentosa Island

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List of tourist attraction visited today :

  • Vivo City
  • HarbourtFront
  • Sentosa Island

After visited a lot of place in the second day and the third day, we spent the fourth day by playing in Sentosa Island. Because some of us were very tired because of the trip yesterday, i decided to got out from the hotel a little bit late again. We departed from the hotel around 11 o’clock. Like usual, we had a breakfast in the food stall near the hotel. After had breakfast, we departed to Vivo City by Bus. From the bus stop near the hotel (Opp Mohd Salleh Mque), we took bus no 80. The bus directly headed to Vivo City. We took the double decker bus, and my nephew seems very happy that time. Because since the second day, he always asked to ride the double decker bus. The distance between Geylang area to Vivo City is quite far. It need about 30 minutes of trip. Ride a double decker bus in Singapore was quite fun. It’s more like a city sightseeing tour if we sit on the upper level of the bus.

Our bus passed several tourist attraction in Singapore, including Arab Street, Bugis, City Hall, St Andrew Cathedral, Chinatown, Sri Mariamman Temple, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum and Boat Quay.

 Arab Street

We also encountered double decker bus with Hasbro’s Monopoly along the way

St Andrew Cathedral


 Pagoda Street Chinatown

Sri Mariamman Temple from Bus

Sri Mariamman Temple

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Boat Quay from Bus

Boat Quay

We finally arrived at Vivo City around 12:30. The bus stop where we got off is right in front of Vivo City Mall.

Vivo City

This building is located close to seafront and located right next to Singapore Ferry Terminal, Harbourfront. Vivo City is one of the most favorite shopping place for tourist. This mall even bigger than the biggest shopping mall in Orchard, Takashimaya and Suntec City. The architecture that was  architected by Japanese architect is unique and awesome. You can find a lot of attractive and branded items in this mall, from fashion, books, electronics, sports, and more. There are also some shops with unique concept like National Geographic and Golden Village Gold Class. For you who want to buy toys for your children, i suggest you to visit Toys R Us.

Vivo City

Vivo City Singapore

Mooncake Festival in Vivo City

National Geographic in Vivo City

National Geographic in Vivo City

Toys R Us in Vivo City

Toys R Us in Vivo City

Food Republic in Vivo City

Food Republic in 3rd floor

Don’t forget to check the outside area on 3rd floor of Vivo City where the Sentosa Express Station located. There some kind a pool in this level and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery there.

Vivo City 3rd Floor


Because Vivo City was connected with Harbourfront, we also took a walk in Harbourfront. This building is the place you have to pass if you decide to go to Sentosa Island by Jewel Box (Cable Car).  To go to Cable Car station, you have to go to Harbourfront Tower that located right next to Harbourfront shopping mall. Harbourfront Shopping Mall itself is not as big as Vivo City. But you can find some unique shops here. One of my favorite is the Toytag, a toys shop on the top floor. The shops sell a variety of game including card games, board games, etc.


Harbourfront Shopping Mall

Toytag in Harborfront

After looked around for several hours, we continue our trip to Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is a small island in the south of Singapore that since beginning has been developed as the center of tourist attraction by Singapore government. You can find a lot of world class tourist attractions in Sentosa island, including Universal Studio, Imbiah Lookout, Siloso Beach, Fort Siloso and Underwater World.

How to Go to Sentosa Island

There are 3 ways to go to Sentosa Island, which are :

1. Sentosa Express

Sentosa Express is a mini MRT that specially built to go to Sentosa Island. This is the most recommended transport if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. The ticket price is only S$ 3.5 for round way trip. Just go to the third floor in Vivo City mall. There is a counter ticket that sell anything that related to Sentosa Island, including Sentosa Express ticket, USS entrance ticket, Jewel cable car ticket, Sentosa Island play pass package, etc. You can also buy it through Automatic Ticket Machine. For you who have EZ Link (MRT Card), you don’t need to buy and can also directly use the card to enter Sentosa Station.

Sentosa Ticket Office at Vivo City

Sentosa Express Automatic Ticket Machine

Sentosa Express Ticket Machine

Sentosa Express Automatic Ticket Machine

Sentosa Ticket Office Price List

Sentosa Island Attraction Price List

2. Jewel Box Cable Car

If you haven’t ever try to ride cable car, you must try Singapore Jewel Box Cable Car. The last ticket price was S$ 29 for Adult and S$18 for Child. If you choose to ride cable car, then you must go to Habourfront Tower Two. This building is located right next to Harbourfront shopping mall. There is also a ticket office in Harbourfront Tower Two. So you didn’t have to buy at Vivo City.  Just follow the sign to Harbourfront. If you use to ride cable car, you will get off in Imbiah Lookout. The station is right next to Tiger Sky Tower in Imbiah.

3. Bus

Actually i don’t  recommend you to ride bus to go to Sentosa Island by bus. Because it will be more convenient if you go by Sentosa Express. But if you want to use bus, then you can go outside of VivoCity Mall and find the bus stop. The bus stop is located in front of Merrill Lynch Bank. Follow the sign board when you exit MRT HarbourFront, find “Bus to Resort World Sentosa”

Because this was the first time my older brother to Singapore, he decide to buy Noon Play Pass for him and my sister-in-law. Actually there were 3 different Play Pass for Sentosa :

  • Daily Play Pass
    You can enjoy unlimited ride in Sentosa (17 options)
    Valid from 9 am – 7 pm
    Price Ticket for Weekday : S$ 65.90 (Adult) / S$ 49.90 (Child)
    Price Ticket for Weekend : S$ 71.90 (Adult) / S$ 53.90 (Child)
  • Noon Play Pass
    You can only play 4 out of 17 options
    Valid from 2.30 pm – 7 pm
    Price Ticket for Weekday : S$ 42.90 (Adult) / S$ 36.90 (Children)
    Price Ticket for Weekend : S$ 44.90 (Adult) / S$ 38.90 (Child)
  • 2 Day Play Pass
    Enjoy 1 day of Universal Studios
    Enjoy 1 day of Day Play Pass attractions
    Price Ticket Monday – Thuesday : S$ 129.90 (Adult) / S$ 95.90 (Child)
    Price Ticket Friday – Sunday : S$134.90 (Adult) / S$99.90 (Child)
  • Evening Play Pass
    You can choose 3 out of 13 options
    Valid from 6pm – 10pm
    Price Ticket Monday – Thuesday : S$ 26.90 (Adult / Child)
    Price Ticket Friday – Sunday : S$ 28.90 (Adult / Child)

My brother choosed to ride Jewel Box Cable Car as the first option from 4 option he can choose. So my brother, sister-in-law and my nephew separate from group and go to cable car station at Harbourfront Tower Two. Meanwhile i and the rest took Sentosa Express to go to Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Station

Sentosa Station at Vivo City

Sentosa Express in Singapore

  Sentosa Express

Sentosa Express to Sentosa Island

Imbiah Lookout

Because my group and my older brother separated, we previously agree each other to gathered in front of Jewel Cable Car Station. So we got off at Imbiah Station and we walked up through several escalator to go to Jewel Cable Car Station in Imbiah Lookout. We sit there for a while my older brother try the Tiger Sky Tower as his second option for play. Because there is no attractive rides in Sentosa Island, then we decided only take photos around all places in Imbiah Lookout and Beach. The only attraction we play are Luge & Skyride and Song of The Sea. For me, that two rides are the only worth to play in Sentosa Island.

Jewel Cable Car Station

Jewel Cable Car Station

Tiger Sky Tower

Tiger Sky Tower

Sentosa Island Photo

In front of Imbiah Station

Front of Imbiah Station

Sentosa Island Singapore

Sentosa Island

Merlion Walk

 Merlion Walk

Images of Singapore Photo

Images of Singapore

Images of Singapore in Sentosa Island

Images of Singapore

Luge in Sentosa Island

Thrilling Luge

Skyride in Sentosa Island

Enjoy the view of Sentosa Island from Skydrive

After satisfied strolled around Imbiah Lookout, i decided to take the free bus to the Beach area in Sentosa Island.

Free Bus in Sentosa Island

Beach Station

Siloso Beach

We were waiting there until 7:40 until the Song of the Sea show began. While waiting, i and my younger brother looked around Siloso Beach. My brother and his wife looked for the Segway for their last options in Noon Play Pass. Unfortunately, they could not find the Segway ride location. Because there was no enough time, we directly enter the Song of the Sea stage at 7:30. That time, it’s already crowded. But fortunately we still had pretty good perspective to enjoy the show.

Siloso Beach in Sentosa Island

Siloso Beach

Siloso Beach in Sentosa

Song of The Sea

This show was exactly the same like what i saw 2 years ago. I still amazed watching this show, even it was the third time.

Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea Show


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