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A Happy Trip to Singapore (Day 2) : Little India, Albert Street, Bugis Street, National Museum and Chinatown

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List of tourist attraction visited today :

  • Little India
  • Bugis Street
  • National Museum of Singapore
  • People Park Center
  • Chinatown Heritage Center (Pagoda Street)

I planned to spend the second day by go to shopping place and visit several unique area that become the icon of Singapore . We departed from hotel around 9 o’clock. We decide to eat to the food stall across the hotel, because it would waste some time if we had to search for vegetarian food stall again. We finish eating around 09:30.

Our first destination for today is Little India, an area where the majority people who living there is India people. I decided to go by bus directly to Little India. From our hotel (Fragrance Hotel Saphire), we took the bus no 2 from Opp Mohd Salleh Mque and got off at Little India Stn. The bus stop was exactly in front of Little India MRT Station. We crossed the street and we arrived at Tekka Centre of Little India.

traveling to little india

Little India

We start our journey from Tekka Centre. Tekka Centre is a multi-use building complex comprising a wet market, food centre and shops. Tekka Centre is the landmark in Little India. Shops in this building sell traditional indian costumes and accessories. We crossed the foot centre and we found some vegetarian food here. But because we already had breakfast, then we didn’t stop to eat there. From Tekka Centre, we walk Serangoon Street and walk through Upper Dickson Rd, Dunlop Street and Campbell Lane.

Walk at Little India

Take a Walk at Little India

The weather was very hot that time, so after we took some picture there, we directly walked to Bencoolen Street to go to our next destination, Bugis Street (Bugis Village). On the way, we spent some time to take some cold air in the Sony Centre to buy some camera accessories at Bencoolen Street.

Albert Street

From Sony Centre we crossed the Bencoolen Street to go to Albert Street (the crowded area in front of Bugis Village). There are a lot people who sell clothes, toys, bags, foods at this area. There are also some shopping malls to visit for you who like to buy branded products. At Albert Street, my sister-in-law and my mother entered one shopping mall, and we took a rest by sitting outside the mall. The weather suddenly change and the drizzle drops.

Albert Street at Singapore


Take a Walk at Albert Street


Albert Street


Take a Walk at Albert Street


Because there is uncle ice cream in front of mall, all of us bought one ice cream while waiting for the rain. The price of ice cream were same. It’s still S$ 1 per ice cream. Actually because the person who sell the ice cream is woman, so the name should be aunt ice cream. hahaha….




Bugis Street

After enjoying the ice cream, we continue our trip to Bugis Street. From far, we can see the text on the tent said : “Bugis Street :  The Largest Shopping Location in Singapore“. This is one of the most favorite shopping place that Singaporean usually visit. If you look for affordable goods, then this is the perfect place to go for shopping. There are a lot of cheap items you can bought here for souvenirs. There are a lot of shop inside the this complex. Those shops were selling clothes, bags, t-shirt, hat, shoes, foods, sex toys, souvenirs and many other items.

Bugis Street


Inside Bugis Street


Bugis Village


Bugis Street Singapore


Inside Bugis Street Singapore

After window shopping for couple of hours, we had lunch near Bencoolen Street. We walked across Albert Street again and go to the south. Along the way, we found the big Maitreya Buddha statue, Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple and Sri Krishnan Temple.

Bencoolen Link


Maitreya Buddha at Bencoolen


Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Singapore

We found a lot of vegetarian food in this area. Actually, there were 2 vegetarian stall in Albert Centre food court. But because the food is not too good (i had ate there when i went to Singapore before), i decide to look for another vegetarian stall in Bencoolen.  In Bencooleen Street, there were 3 food vegetarian stall. We finally ate at 素食飘香 (Shu Shi Piao Xiang) Vegetarian Food.

Su Shi Piao Xiang Vegetarian Food


Sushi Piaoxiang Vegetarian Singapore


National Museum of Singapore

After had lunch, we continue our journey through Bencoolen Street to go to National Museum of Singapore. Last time i went to this place, there was no entrance ticket. So i could take a picture inside each room in the museum for free. But this time, it’s quite different than the last time. There were a lot of officer that patrol in the museum, so we can enter each room in the museum for free. Finally, we just looked around in that building and took some picture.




From here, we went back to Bencoolen Street and went to Bras Basah MRT Station. Our next destination for that day was Chinatown.


People Park Centre

We get off at  Chinatown MRT Station and took the exit D to go to People Park Centre.  This place is like a plaza where there are a lot of shop inside the building. There are a lot of travel agent in this building. Honestly, i took a vacation to Thailand 9 years ago from travel agent at this building. We decided to take a rest at the food court before continue our journey to Pagoda Street (Chinatown Heritage Centre).

Chinatown Singapore Lampion


Chinatown Singapore


Pagoda Street (Chinatown Heritage Centre)

This place is a street where there are a lot of shop on the left and the right side of the street. This place is definitely perfect place to buy souvenirs and gifts. There are a lot of cheap products you can find here, from clothes, t-shirt, bags, wallet, keychains, accessories, food, oriental stuff (statue, painting, jade, etc), and many others. You can also find Sri Mariamman Temple in this place. One unique shop you must visit in this place (especially if you are Tintin fans) is The Tintin Shop. This shop sell a lot of stuff that related to Tintin character.

Chinatown Heritage Centre


Chinatown Pagoda Street


Pagoda Street Singapore


Chinatown Heritage Centre Singapore

Before we went back to the hotel, we once again went back to People Centre to have dinner. There were 2 vegetarian stall in the Food Court at People Centre. We arrived at the hotel around 8:30 local time (Singapore Time).



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