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A Happy Trip to Singapore (Day 1) : Starve at Night on Orchard Road

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Couple of weeks ago on September 10, 2012, i went traveling to Singapore with all my family member (except my father). My father already went on vacation earlier (he went to Thailand alone on May), so this time he stayed at home and didn’t come along with us. This time, i went together with my mother, my younger brother, my older brother, my older brother’s wife and her sister. This is the moment that i waiting so long. Since my childhood, i never have a trip with family member to other city. So i was so happy with this rare opportunity. My younger brother paid the airline ticket, hotel and Universal Studio entrance ticket for all of us.

Actually, this is the third time i go to Singapore. All the time, Singapore is one of my favorite destination to go for vacation. Singapore is also my first destination when i went traveling abroad nine years ago. So i have a pleasant memory about this country.

waiting at juanda airport surabaya

We departed from my cousin house at Surabaya around 12:30 o’clock. We was escorted by my cousin driver and arrived at Juanda International Airport Surabaya around 1 o’clock. We were using Jetstar to go to Singapore for this trip. The airline ticket was very cheap. We ordered it via online and the ticket price was only US $34 / person.

Because our airplane would be departed on 3:40 PM, then we decided to brought some foods earlier before going to the airport. After checked in and paid the airport tax, we sit in front of the waiting room and had some lunch while waiting for our plane. The airplane finally departed at 3:40 (on time) and our trip to Singapore had just begin. Horaayyy….

After around 2 hours 15 minutes of journey, we finally arrived at Singapore Changi International Airport.

arrived at singapore changi international airport

For you who haven’t go to Singapore (especially Indonesian people), you will see the big difference between Singapore Changi International Airport and the airports in Indonesia. This airport is awesome and beautiful. There are a lot of facility you can get in this airport, from free mineral water, free massage machine, free wifi, free internet, free video game etc. There are also a lot of shops, restaurant, cafe you can found in this airport. For vegetarian people like me, you can find some vegetarian food in food court at underground level in the airport. For me, Changi Airport is one of the my most favorite airport i ever go, beside Suvarnabhumi Airport at Bangkok, Thailand.

We arrived at Terminal 1, and to go to town we must switch to Terminal 2 before go to MRT Station that heading to the city. For this trip, we stayed at Geylang, one of the crowded area during night in Singapore. This area is also known as red light district where there are a lot of woman offering themselves to the tourist who walking around that area. Our hotel for this trip is Fragrance Hotel Sapphire. This hotel is considerate  cheap, because the price for family room (room for 3 person) is only US $ 79 (including tax) if you order through Agoda. Because it’s cheap, you can’t except a lot of facility in this hotel. But except no free internet access (you must paid S$4 for two hours internet access) and too little TV channel choice, i was quite satisfied after staying about a week in this hotel. The hotel is clean and there are a lot of food stall and supermarket around the hotel. Although, the hotel location is not to too near from MRT, but there is a bus stop near the hotel that i can count to travel to every tourist destination in Singapore. We arrived to the hotel around 9:00 (Singapore Time). After put some bag and rest for some minutes, we realized that we were starving. We finally decided to go to Orchard Road looking for food. We arrived at Orchard road about almost 10 o’clock. Because all of us is vegetarian, so it’s kinda hard looking for vegetarian food on that hour in Orchard Road.

Looking For Food at Night on Orchard Road

We finally bought some french fries at McDonalds near Lucky Plaza in Orchard Road. While all of us take some rest in McDonalds, i and my younger brother were looking for a food we can eat for that night. After walked around several minutes, we finally found a vegetarian pizza near Lucky Plaza. So that night, we only have some pizza for dinner and enjoyed the scenery of Orchard Road at night.





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  1. October 6th, 2012 at 18:26 | #1


    I once stayed close to Orchard Road, and had food at a great Vegetarian Restaurant:

    LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant, Liat Towers, 541 Orchard Road

  2. October 6th, 2012 at 23:39 | #2

    thanks for the info, kalle.

  3. April 24th, 2013 at 13:35 | #3

    You should see Incheon Airport. Huge difference with Indonesian airport and in my opinion better interior than Changi. But changi is better because it has a multi-prayer room. Not only for moslem.


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