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9 Small Business Tips to Use Twitter

December 12th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

3 Months ago, i have no idea to use Twitter to help our business. But after the seminar i attended, i realize that Twitter is expanding the way that we do business. As a small business utilizing Twitter as a tool to implement your social media strategy when outlining your goals and expectations will help you to grow your business. As previously discussed, there are mistakes that people make on Twitter that are maddening. It becomes maddening when the mistakes are repeated over and over again.


9 Small Business Tips for Using Twitter

1. Customer Service. Customer service is what sets apart a company from competitors. Bad experiences happen but how and when they are solved makes the difference.

2. Brand Awareness. Tweeting and sharing valuable information increases your presence and awareness of what you have to offer.

3. Reputation & Brand Management. Monitoring and gauging how customers are receiving your brand exclusively in sales is in the past. Real time reactions lets you know if you are on the right track.

4. Product Promotion. Launching a new product or supporting something that you have recently purchased shares experiences with the product.

5. Event Promotion. Have an event or attending an event you feel others will benefit from is a way to bring people together offline.

6. Communicating. Reaching out on Twitter to ask a question or to answer one gets the conversation started.

7. Blog Promotion. Posting a new blog article increases readership with an enticing headline.

8. Public Relations/News. Sharing an article on something that your company has done or showcasing the role new employees.

9. Merging Offline to Online. Face to face meetups are a conversation starter to build new Twitter relationships. Letting people know where you are online and how they can connect with you builds your online community.
As Twitter grows and we see the live searches on Google and Bing the way we tweet may change. There will be SEO benefits of tweeting by how we structure our tweets. Social media continues to grow and change and with that so does the way we do business.

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