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7 Important Guide That Will Make You a Better Diablo 3 Player

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If you are new in Diablo 3, i suggest you to read the following guide to make you become better Diablo 3 player. When i play Diablo 3 for the first time, i don’t understand how to play the game effectively. This make me waste a lot of time to play the game. But after i played about more than 100 hours of gameplay, i just realize that there are a lot of things that i didn’t understand about the game. So i decide to search more information about some Diablo 3 Basic Guide on the internet. After gathered a lot of articles and forum discussion on the internet, i just realized that there are some basic information about the game that we need to understand when playing the game. Many Diablo 3 players who already play dozens of hours still don’t know about this. So, if you want to play effectively, i recommend you to read the following guide. Okay, let’s start…

Diablo 3 Header

1. Elective Mode – This option is allow us to choose our skill slot freely.

I think this is the most common question that many new Diablo 3 players ask about. I personally was confused at first. When i saw a Diablo 3 guide in Youtube, i found that there were more than one skill in the same category in different action bar slot. Such as Demon Hunter, you can have two or three Defensive skill in your slot, for example you want to set Smoke Screen and Caltrops in your Action Bar Slot. Both of those skill are Defensive Skill, which is by default can only one be chosen in your action bar slot. Sometime some Demon Hunter player also set their left click with skill that doesn’t come from Primary skill, such as Evasive Fire in Demon Hunter and like what i do when i set my right click with Archery skill, Strafe.


How to do this is very easy. Just open the Option Menu on your Diablo 3 Screen. And choose Gameplay. There is Elective Mode you need to check. And that’s it. You now can choose a free skill selection on each Action Bar Slot in Diablo 3

Elective Mode in Diablo 3

2. Balance and Ideal Defense or known as ideal Effective Health Point (EHP) is :

100 HP : 10 Armor : 1 All Resistance

40,000 HP : 4000 Armor : 400 All Resistance

effective health point

3. It’s important to know the priority when you want to upgrade your gear.

Ideal Damage Priority are :

Main Stat (Dexterity/Strength/Intelligence) > Critical Hit Chance > Critical Hit Damage > Increase Attack Speed

4. Movement Speed Capped at 25%.

Melee Class (Barbarian & Monk) get 30% bonus damage reduction.

Dual-Wield will give your 15 % Increase Attack Speed

5. Golf Find and Magic Find Capped at 300.

6. It’s important to know which gear you want to upgrade first.

Gear Slot Priority for :

Damage & Hybrid Slot : Helm, Gloves, Offhand (Shield, Quiver, Mojo, Sources), Ring, Amulet

Defense Slot : Shoulder, Belt, Pants, Chest Armor / Cloak, Boots

7. Follower can give Buff that is important for your main character. Here are the detail :

Templar : Life Generation, Healing and Resources Regeneration


Enchantress : 5 % Armor, 30% Slow, 3 % Increase Attack Speed

enchantress skill

Scoundrel : 3 % Critical Hit Chance


Weapon with Cold Damage will give snares effect that will make the monster move slower. So make sure to give your Follower Weapon with Cold Damage.

Follower Status can be shared with your main characters :

Magic Find, Gold Find, +Experience / Kill. But it will be only 25 % of total value.

Example : Total Magic Find of your Follower : 100%. Then Magic Find that will be added to your character is only : 25%

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