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6 Mozilla Firefox Features that i missed after i use Google Chrome

After almost 4 years using Mozilla Firefox, i finally switch to Google Chrome. Honestly, i ever to switch to Google Chrome a year ago. But i finally back to Firefox again that time, because Google Chrome extensions is not as complete as Mozilla Firefox. Beside the addons (extension), i prefer certain Firefox features, such as Bookmarks systems, browser right click menu, search engine in the right side of the address bar, download mechanism, etc. And that time Google Chrome often can’t open a web page because of DNS error (it still happen until today, even not as frequent as before). But Google fixed a lot of things in their Chrome continuously. Recently, i have struggle with slow performance of Firefox. And sometime my Firefox suddenly freeze or crash when i use it.

switch from firefox to chrome

Two week ago, i decide to switch to Chrome once again. And after 2 weeks of using, i officially switch my default internet browser to Google Chrome. What i like most from Google Chrome is it’s very light and seems like don’t consume a lot of memory like Firefox (even the fact said that Chrome eats a lot of memory, too). This make my works become far more convenient.

Speaking about Add Ons (extensions), Chrome is more complete now. Because the massive growing of Chrome users, now there are more developer that developed their software for Chrome. Almost all of important Firefox Add Ons are available in Chrome, expect decent FTP Client like FireFTP in Firefox.

For me, the fast loading is the most important thing in internet browser. This is why i decide to switch to Chrome after using Firefox for 4 years. By the way, i still miss a lot of Firefox things in Google Chrome.


There a lot of disadvantage of Chrome Bookmark Manager compared to Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks. There is no Tags, Keywords and Visit Counts in Chrome Bookmark Manager. I usually always group all the bookmarks into tags in Firefox. And now i can’t do it anymore in Chrome. In Chrome Bookmark Manager, i also can’t find Sort By Name menu when i right click on a folder. So i must sort all the bookmarks manually. Another missing thing in Chrome Bookmark is separator. I usually use separator in Firefox to make my Bookmarks looks more organized.

firefox bookmarks


When you download in Chrome, a small tabs will appear in the bottom of the window. I still prefer separated download window in Firefox that usually opened using Ctrl+J.

firefox downloads

3. Separate Search Bar

I usually use separate search box beside the address bar in Firefox. I usually search something in Wikipedia or Amazon and search again in Google. I can’t do this anymore on Chrome. Because the search and the address bar combined become one box. So i only can use the default search engine that i set in chrome://chrome/settings/ in the address bar.

firefox separate search bar

4. FireFTP Add Ons

This is the missing part when i switch to Google Chrome. I can’t find any decent FTP client as good as FireFTP in Firefox. I finally use CuteFTP application outside the browser as my replacement to FireFTP.


5. Preferences Menu

There are a lot of things that missing in Chrome Settings compared to Firefox Preferences. I can’t configure Downloads default folder, Tabs configuration, Javascript availability, Load images automatically, Network (Proxy), or change the default Font & Colors of the browser in Chrome.


6. When i restart the Browser

I usually close Firefox directly while several website still remain opened. When i opened Firefox again, the last web pages will automatically opened. This can’t be done in Chrome. I must open the History to open all the web pages i visited last time.

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  1. Kippo
    June 11th, 2012 at 20:39 | #1

    I’m still amazed that Google haven’t got round to adding support for separators with bookmarks, considering the amount of people moaning online about this AND for how long they’ve been moaning, with one person asking in 2008 on productforums.google.com, “Can I add separators in the bookmarks bar?”

    This seriously is the only thing stopping me from making the switch.

  2. June 11th, 2012 at 20:48 | #2

    the only reason why i switch to google chrome is its reliability and its speed. if my firefox doesn’t frequently freeze, i will not switch to google chrome.

  3. Dan Miller
    March 14th, 2013 at 20:32 | #3

    Agreed. Extremely annoying that I can’t separate “groups” of items on a menu in some way.

  4. May 18th, 2013 at 05:01 | #4

    I agree, I prefer to use Google chrome today compared to Firefox.

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