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My Ingress Story : Jurong Garden, Hardest and the Most Memorable Mission Series Badge I Ever Take

January 10th, 2018 No comments

07 January 2018 actually is a day before i leave Singapore. That time i actually didn’t have a plan to take another Mission Badge series, because i am afraid i cant finish them. i want to have more relax time on the last day of my vacation. After visit Haw Par Villa, i decided to go to Chinese Garden. This was my second time to go there. The first time was when i hadn’t play Ingress. Around 05:00 PM, i already at Chinese Garden MRT Station. At that time it was raining heavily. So i had to wait to go to Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden.

I started to enter Chinese Garden around 06:20 PM. The rain already stop. At first, i didn’t check the missions on my scanner, because i decided only to capture the portal to get Unique Portal Capture & Visit. But after i walked around, i just realize that it’s only 3 rows of Mission Badge to finish. I think it would be an easy mission to take before i go home to my country. So i started the mission at 07:05 PM, i had to go back to Chinese MRT Station, where the first portal need to be hacked. After about 1 hours 30 minutes walking around i already finished 14 mission badge from 18 total mission badge. It’s already dark that time. When i take the 15th mission, i just realize that the portal for this mission need me to go inside Japanese Garden. The gate connecting Chinese Garden to Japanese Garden was already closed, and it’s said that Japanese Garden only open on 05:30 AM – 17:00 PM (actually this is the time when i start this mission. OMG). I kinda frustated that time, because i have to check out from hotel and go to Airport on the next day.

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