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How to Move WordPress Website to Another Hosting Server

August 29th, 2013 No comments

About two months ago, i have problem with the hosting server i use. Because i have an e-commerce website that have more than 2000 products, it seems have great impact on the hosting server. The result is, the hosting company blocked the access to my website. When i asked to the hosting company customer service, they said that my website has use a great amount of process that impact their CPU usage, so they must block the access to all my website. It’s pretty disappointing knowing that the problem comes only from one website, but the hosting company closed all my website. Because of this, i decide to move my website to new hosting server. Moving a website from one hosting server to another without changing its domain address is very easy. Today i will give you a step by step guide how to move a wordpress website to another hosting server.

hosting server

The main idea to move a wordpress website to another server is consist two important step which are :

– Move all files from old hosting server to new hosting server 

– Back-up wordpress database, and restore it in the new hosting server


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Review Buku “Jualan Online Tanpa Repot dengan Dropshipping” oleh Catur Hadi Purnomo

August 22nd, 2013 No comments

Beberapa bulan lalu saya menyempatkan diri untuk membaca sebuah buku karya anak bangsa yang berjudul “Jualan Online Tanpa Repot dengan Dropshipping“. Buku ini sendiri ditulis oleh Catur Hadi Purnomo, seorang penulis aktif yang biasanya banyak menulis mengenai buku-buku mengenai hacking serta internet marketing. Dari beberapa judul bukunya, bisa ketahuan kalau penulis cukup aktif di dunia maya serta sedikit mendalami mengenai dunia internet marketing. Karena saya juga tertarik untuk belajar mengenai berjualan barang secara online di pasar lokal, maka pilihan yang paling pas adalah belajar mengenai dropshipping. Waktu jalan-jalan di Gramedia, saya melihat buku ini. Setelah selesai membaca buku ini, saya ingin menulis sedikit review dan kesan mengenai buku berjudul “Jualan Online Tanpa Repot dengan Dropshipping” ini.


Isi dari buku ini menurut saya sangat-sangat jelas, karena memandu dari benar-benar dasar, seperti pengertian dropshipping, bagaimana cara kerjanya, produk apa yang bisa dijual, dll. Read more…

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Donkey Kong Video Games & Character List

August 13th, 2013 1 comment

Since several weeks ago, i has been enjoying myself by playing NDS game called Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber. Yes … From the title, all of you must already know, this game is one of three Donkey Kong game which was released for Nintendo DS. Talking about one of this Nintendo’s mascot is actually have made quite an interesting history to scrutiny. Even not as popular as Mario, Donkey Kong is one of the oldest and the most consistent character that always appear in every Nintendo platform. I also enjoyed play Donkey Kong on NES and Donkey Kong Country on SNES. Therefore this time I’ll try to covered all things about Donkey Kong. Let’s see about the history first.


How Donkey Kong created?

Donkey Kong character created by Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the legendary Mario Brothers and Zelda series. Donkey Kong itself could be regarded as the first successful character made by Miyamoto in his career in the world of gaming.

Donkey Kong’s character creation occurs after Shigeru Miyamoto got a task from Nintendo to renovate a game called Radar Scope that has a poor outcome to be a quality game.

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My Favorite Maria Sharapova’s Photos

August 5th, 2013 No comments

I’m one of the huge fans of Maria Sharapova. I don’t know why, i always love the way she appears both in tennis field and outside. She’s so charming and beautiful. If other tennis players just depend on their beauty to be popular outside the tennis, Maria Sharapova can also reach a good achievement in field too. She had been number 1 female tennis player in the world, even not in a long period. That make me always follow her news in newspaper, and i really hate when she has to face Serena Williams in the Tennis Competition final. It’s because, she always lose to Serena. Just hope someday Maria can find some of Serena weakness and always win against her. Below i share to you some of Maria Sharapova photos both when playing tennis and not. I got this photos from Maria Sharapova fans Facebook page. I hope you enjoy it.

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It’s Over…

August 3rd, 2013 No comments

My relationship with my girlfriend was over. Several days ago, she contacted me via BBM when she still on China. At first, she ask me about what i want to talk when she go home to Indonesia this month, as i ask her couple of times what date she would go home to Indonesia. Actually, i have not been talking with her since last March this year. I didn’t know the reason, why she changes so much since she go back from China on the beginning of the year. When she chat with me via BBM, she only say that she’s not happy with our relationship. And if she’s not happy, how can i be happy with her. When i ask the reason why she’s not happy, she just reply that she actually didn’t have any feeling with me since beginning. OMG…. i just shocked. How come, she so easily said that. Why she have relationship with me for 2.5 years if she never love me at all. So for all time, she’s just pretend to love me. How can she do that to me. It’s really hurt. I ever really love a girl 12 years ago, and she also said the same thing. And it’s like de javu, but it’s like in higher dosage of pain. Hufff…. when i just recall my memory again, i just realize that she ever said that why a girl have to do something for his boyfriend. She said that having a relationship doesn’t have to make any effort for their mate. So it’s true that she never love me, that’s why we can get this relationship to become more serious.


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Review Samsung Galaxy S4 : Smartphone berbasis Android Terlaris di Dunia

August 1st, 2013 No comments

Sekitar 1 bulan lalu, kebetulan saya punya kesempatan untuk mencoba Samsung Galaxy S4 yang merupakan handphone yang menurut data saat ini menjadi handphone paling laris di dunia, bahkan mengalahkan iPhone 5 milik Apple. Memang belakangan Samsung terus mendominasi pasar smartphone. Nah. Samsung Galaxy S4 ini sendiri sebenarnya adalah milik adik saya. Dulunya gadget dia adalah Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Tapi seiring dengan keluarnya Samsung Galaxy S4, akhirnya dia pun menggantinya dengan S4. Salah satu kesan paling keren yang saya dapat dengan sekilas saja mencoba Galaxy S4 adalah layarnya. Layarnya luar biasa tajam. Bila dibandingkan dengan Galaxy Tab punya saya jelas tidak ada apa-apanya. Selain layar super tajam, S4 juga punya banyak keunggulan lain. Berikut saya review sedikit mengenai gadget super canggih ini.

samsung galaxy s4

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