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My New Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 2.0 (P3100)

July 6th, 2013 No comments

I finally bought a new gadget yesterday.  And my choice fall to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (P3100). Actually i have waiting so long to buy this Android gadget. I usually use Blackberry, iPad and iPod Touch (the last 2 gadget were not mine, i borrowed them from my brother and my girlfriends). Honestly, i was the great fans of Apple. But as the development going in recent years, i start to lose faith on Apple technology. After i tried my brother’s Samsung Galaxy S3, i have to admit that Andorid has a lot of better user experiences than iOS. That’s why for now, i prefer android gadget than Apple gadget that using iOS. Because there are a lot of Android gadget out there, it’s not an easy thing to choose between them. It’s not like Apple that only have 3-5 products in the market. But the news often mentioned that Samsung is the best selling gadget brands in the worlds for now. So my choice goes to Samsung. The next question was which Samsung product i want to buy? Beside Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, there are Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 MiniGalaxy Grand and Galaxy Note. Each products has their own advantage and disadvantage. Because i looking for a gadget that have larger screen size, then my choice narrowed into 2 products, between Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note 8.0. Finally, i choosed Galaxy Tab 2, because it’s far more cheaper than Galaxy Note, and i think 7.0 screen size is the most suitable one for me.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

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