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How to Access Blocked Website using Firefox / Chrome in Mac / Windows

July 26th, 2012 10 comments

Several months ago, i ever wrote an article about How to Access Blocked Website (Facebook, Twitter, IMDB, Youtube, etc). When i was staying at China, i had a problem accessing several website such as Facebook, Twitter, IMDB, Youtube, etc. Because i had to use Windows that time, i always used Hotspot Shield and Freegate to access those blocked website. Several days ago, Indonesia government also block a lot of website on the internet, especially porn and mp3 illegal download website. But some time ago, some non-porn and non-illegal website like Metacafe, Youtube, Myspace, Rapidshare, Multiply because of Fitna controversial movie. Because of this, once again i try to find a way how to access them like before.

how to access blocked website using chrome or firefox in mac and windows

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How to Hide Linkwithin Widget on Blogger (Blogspot) Home Page

July 17th, 2012 6 comments

Linkwithin is one of the most useful widget i used for almost of my blog. Linkwithin can make the visitors take a longer time to view your website when they found something interesting in Linkwithin widget. But Linkwithin can also become problem if you use it in Blogger platform website. By default, Linkwithin will appear below each posts on the website including on the Home Page. This will make the website become slow to load. This will become problems for blog reader and Google Bot which visit your blog. To solve this problem, i will give you a simple guide how to hide the Linkwithin on Home Page and show them only on individual blog posts.

how to hide linkwithin widget
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Wonderful Story : My little Angel, Please Teach Us about Love…

July 3rd, 2012 No comments

It is kinda difficult to define what is love? What kind of action considered as love? Sometime we still confuse to know what is love. There are a lot of way to express our love to someone we care. For parents, love doesn’t always to give all what their children want. Sometime love can form as painful experience that train us to become a better person. There are a lot of Love Lesson. Some movie give good lesson about love, such as If Only¬†that teaches us how to love a person sincerely. Children of Heaven and Homerun are also good movies¬†that teach us about love between brother and sister. Beside those good movies, i also have a good story that teach us about love. Just read the story below. It’s about a kind-hearted girl who live in India.

teach me love

My wife said to me when i was reading newspaper, “How much longer do you read the newspaper? Can you come here and help your daughter to eat.”

I put the newspaper and saw my only daughter, named Sindu, looked frightened. On her front, there is a bowl of Indian curd rice. Sindu is 8 years old child, and she is sweet and smart. She really did not like to eat rice curd. My mother and wife is still old-fashioned, they believe that eating curd rice will cause “cooling effect“. I took the bowl and said: “Sindu dear, for your father, would you eat a few spoonfuls of this curd rice? If not, your mother would yell to me.”

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