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Off Page SEO – Promote your Blog / Website using Social Bookmark Sites

June 17th, 2012 6 comments

There are two of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method in Internet Marketing, which are On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Off Page SEO is identical with Building Backlink. Off Page SEO is recognized as the most important factor to be success in internet business. Sometimes, unique and quality article is not enough if you have to compete in competitive keywords. One of popular way of Off Page SEO is Social Bookmark. In some countries, Social Bookmark already become a lifestyle, because it’s very important to give us some updates about what happen in this world. Even Google algorithm keep changing every time, but backlink is still the most important factor in SEO.

There are hundreds of social bookmark websites in the internet right now. One strategy that usually used is gain backlinks from social bookmarking sites that do not use the “nofollow” tag. Higher the PageRank (PR) of the site is more better.

social bookmark

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

Social bookmark websites have two benefit, get direct traffic to your website and increase the SEO value of the website.

  • Get Direct Traffic – If you active on social bookmark and have a lot of follower, you will get significant traffic increase from your follower in Social Bookmark sites.
  • Improve SEO Value – Submitting to Social Bookmark Sites will give you inbound link that will affect your website position in eye of search engine. If you have quality post in your blog, a lot of users will link to your content in social bookmark sites. This definitely will increase your Rankings in search engines.

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Vegetarian Facts : Climate Change and Meat Consumption

June 12th, 2012 No comments

It has been almost 12 years since i decided to become a vegetarian. There are many reason why i choose to become a vegetarian. There are a lot difficulty i have been going through in these past 10 years. There were very few people who become vegetarian in my city. So it’s kinda difficult to find something to eat when i was going out with friends. Some of my family and friends often mocked me because i didn’t want to eat meat. But after more than 10 years has passed, people’s view about vegetarian is not same as before.

Vegetarian become more popular around the world. Many people are already aware of the goodness of vegetarian. In recent years, there are many organizations in the world began to suggest people to decrease the consumption of meat.

lets become a vegetarian
In addition to health reason, being vegetarian can help the earth to avoid from destruction. Recent years, the weather around the world has changed a lot. This is because the world is increasingly damaged and chaotic due to human activity. In my country, Indonesia, we know there are two seasons in a year, which are dry season and rainy season. Read more…

Customize Blogger Footer : Create more than one columns footer

June 10th, 2012 No comments

Another blogger hack tips for today is customize the footer on Blogger platform. Sometime you will need a lot of space to add some content in your footer. By default, blogger only has one column footer.

If you go to Blogger Dashboard and Layout section, you will see that the footer only have one Add a Gadget element that has the same width like total width of the blog.

blogger footer default

But do you know that you can customize this footer into more than one columns footer like below

blogger footer 3 columns

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All About Euro 2012 : Creating History Together

June 8th, 2012 No comments

Euro 2012 official kickoff begins tonight. Poland will open the biggest soccer tournament in Europe by match with Euro 2004 winners Greece in the National Stadium, Warsaw. With the start of Euro 2012, then I probably would often stay up all night to watch the Euro. I myself was one of football lovers. Every time I read the newspaper in the morning, I would always read the sports section first. Euro 2012 is held in two countries, Ukraine and Poland. The match will be held in 8 cities from 8 June until  1 July 2012.

euro 2012 official logo

Euro 2012 Official Logo

For you all of soccer fans, i will share to you all about Euro 2012 in this post. First i want to share about Euro 2012 avatar. I got this avatar from Kaskus forum in this thread. Read more…

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Wonderful Story : Last Kiss

June 5th, 2012 1 comment

It’s been a long time since the last time i wrote about short story that inspiring and motivating. Today i will share to you another good story that i have for you. Parents love to their children is unconditionally. Since we still a child until grown up, our parents always love us unconditionally. As we grown up, we begin to keep up appearance and want to appear as cool teenager. Sometimes we feel embarrassed when our parent hug or kiss us, because we feel that we are not kid anymore. Some teenager even yell to their parent when they find something annoying from their parents. If you usually do that, i suggest you to think for a while. Is it appropriate? Read this story below, and stop do anything that can make your parents sad.


Board of Directors meeting has just ended. Bob stand up and accidentally knocked the table, so the coffee spilled on his notes.

Oh nooo, i am so embarrassing, already old but still mess up ..

Everyone laugh, and then a minute later, we all started telling the most painful moments in the past. And after a while, it is now Frank turn who tell his story.

Come on Frank, it’s your turn. Please tell us, what’s most uncomfortable moment you ever experienced.

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6 Mozilla Firefox Features that i missed after i use Google Chrome

June 1st, 2012 4 comments

After almost 4 years using Mozilla Firefox, i finally switch to Google Chrome. Honestly, i ever to switch to Google Chrome a year ago. But i finally back to Firefox again that time, because Google Chrome extensions is not as complete as Mozilla Firefox. Beside the addons (extension), i prefer certain Firefox features, such as Bookmarks systems, browser right click menu, search engine in the right side of the address bar, download mechanism, etc. And that time Google Chrome often can’t open a web page because of DNS error (it still happen until today, even not as frequent as before). But Google fixed a lot of things in their Chrome continuously. Recently, i have struggle with slow performance of Firefox. And sometime my Firefox suddenly freeze or crash when i use it.

switch from firefox to chrome
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