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Commission Cheat Honest Review from Real Customer (Not just promoting)

February 29th, 2012 9 comments

It’s about a week since i purchased this Commision Cheat product. I got the promotion from one of email marketing and i am interest to purchased it, since the price is not too expensive. Before purchased it, i already googling several website that reviewed about this product. I don’t know is all the review out there is a real review from customer, because as i can see from the review, all of them just promoting Commission Cheat product without write honest review about it. Today i will not write a promotion review about this product, i just only write a truth about this product.

commission cheat

Commision Cheat

Product Name : Commission Cheat
Official Website :
Launch Date : 16th January 2012
Created by : Sal Haque and Sean Miller
Price : $39

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The Best Dragon Ball Cosplay Gallery

February 25th, 2012 1 comment

I am one of the greatest fans of Dragon Ball comics. I read Dragon Ball story since i was a kid. And for me, this comics is still the best comics in the world. No one can replaced this comics, even One Piece and Naruto. That’s why i love all of thing related to Dragon Ball, including Cosplay (Costume Play). I always love an event where there are a lot of cosplay inside. There are many cool cosplay try to show off. In this post, i will focus my coverage toDragon Ball Cosplay. I always curious about how Dragon Ball in real world look like. There are many bad Dragon Ball cosplay i’ve seen. I also feel little trouble finding the cosplay for certain characters. But below is several cosplay that considering the best based on my opinion. I hope you will enjoy it.

Dragon Ball Cosplay

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How to enable Video Webcam on Parallel Desktop Windows in Macbook

February 18th, 2012 2 comments

One of weakness from Parallel Desktop compared to the other multi operating system software in Mac (VMWare, Bootcamp, etc) is the lack of driver support. I experienced this discomfort when i am studying chinese in Tianjin, China. Because i must use Windows to connect the internet in Tianjin, so i must use a lot of internet software for Windows too. When i use Skype to make a phone call to my mother, i just found out that the video webcam doesn’t work. I only can speak to my mom but can’t see the video. To fix this, i already googled several website and finally find the solution.

Macbook iSight

Below are step by step to fix this problem :
1. Open Your Parallel Desktop. Run the Windows until you enter the Windows Desktop.
2. Click Devices>USB>Apple Built-in iSight from the menu Read more…

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Jeremy “Linsanity” Lin : New NBA Phenomenon

February 16th, 2012 No comments

Today morning, i read newspaper and found something very interesting. And its the fourth times in a row there are news about Jeremy Lin aka “Linsanity“, the Taiwanese NBA Player who just drafted and played for New York Knicks. Yesterday night, Jeremy Lin once again make a new sensation by scored 27 points and 12 assists to make Knicks win over Raptors in Toronto. The more exciting part is this time Jeremy Lin made a 3 point shot just couple seconds before the game end. This shot gave Knicks their sixth win in a row. No doubt, Jeremy Lin is now the NBA Phenomenon. All the NBA media talks about him.

Jeremy Lin
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Wonderful Story : This Doll for my Sister

February 5th, 2012 1 comment

Sometimes we were not always satisfied with the existing situation. Currently, there are a lot of teenagers are not happy with their life. Although they are have all what they want, but they always feel there is something lack in their lives. This is one of three poisons of the human heart. That is greedy. Not appreciate what we owned, but we always want what does not belong. Today I will share a story about a story on Christmas Day. Hopefully this can give you lesson and reflection that could give good benefit in our life

The last day before Christmas, I rush to the supermarket to buy gifts for chrismast. Actually i don’t have a plan to buy gifts. When looking at the crowd, I began to complain: “It’s going to take forever, and I still have many places to go.” Christmas really annoying every years. I wish I could lie down and sleep and only wake up after. However, I keep running to the toy section, and there I began to curse the prices, wondering if all the kids will really play with such expensive toys. Read more…

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