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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 西沽公园 Xigu Gongyuan (Xigu Park)

August 29th, 2011 No comments

Vacation is over. Today is the last day of my vacation. Tomorrow I have to go back to school to learn Mandarin again. Spend the remaining time left, I went to a park named 西沽公园 Xigu Gongyuan (Xigu Park) in Tianjin. There is one thing that is quite unique from all parks in Tianjin. Each park here has specific theme. For example, 水上公园 (Water Park) is a water themed park, while 北宁公园 (Beining Park) is a pagoda themed park. What about Xigu Park?  This park is a forest themed Park. From my campus, i go by MRT and stop at 洪湖里 Honghu Li. I get out from gate A and walk to 光荣道 Guangrong Dao Bus stop. From there i take bus 879路 and down at 北洋职专 Beiyang Zhi Zhuan. The bus take about 1 hour of trip.

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Tianjin Metro (MRT) System Map

August 28th, 2011 No comments

One of my favorite transport during my travel abroad is Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) or in some place called Subway / Metro. Unfortunately Tianjin Metro (MRT) still far from convenient. There is only 2 line available (Line 1 & Line 9) here and it doesn’t connect each other. So i can’t go to a lot of place in Tianjin by using MRT only. Of course it’s very different if it compared to other city MRT on other city in China like Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong. So i depend on bus as my main transport during my stay here. But… although right now MRT in Tianjin can’t be used conveniently, in the future Tianjin will have a very good MRT System. I can see from the MRT system map plan. Today i will share to you about Tianjin Metro (MRT) System Map here.

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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 大悲裡院 Dabei Li Yuan (Dabei Buddhist Temple – Monastary of Deep Compassion) & 望海楼教堂 Wanghai Lou Jiaotang (Seafront Tower Church)

August 26th, 2011 No comments

Today is another good day to hang out. So i decide to travel again arround Tianjin. I go out from my dormitory arround 1 o clock after lunch. Today i cooked a new menu, it’s “Nasi Goreng Terasi” (It’s a fried rice cooked with Indonesian vegetarian shrimp seasoning). It’s quite delicious. Hahahaha… Enough talking about food, let’s go back to my today traveling. Today, i visit three diferent places. First i go to the well-known Buddhist Temple in Tianjin 大悲裡院 (Dabei Temple) that very close to 天津之眼幕天伦 (Tianjin Eye). From front of my campus, i take bus 846路 to 大营门. Then i change bus 641路 and down at 金钢桥. From that bus stop i walk arround 5 minutes to go to Dabei Temple. I finally arrived after spent about 1 hours from my dormitory to this place.

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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 北宁公园 Beining Gongyuan (Beining Park)

August 24th, 2011 No comments

Today’s weather is very sunny. Very convenient for a walk. Today with my girlfriend, I decided to take a walk to the park in the northern city of Tianjin called 北宁公园 Beining Gongyuan (Beining Park). The park is quite bit far from my campus. Because i mistaken take the wrong bus, it takes nearly two hours to go to the parks. But i feel okay for this, because I was too busy chatting with my girlfriend during the trip. Two hours of trip doesn’t feel too long. From campus, I take MRT to the station 勤俭 道. From there I actually took the correct bus 45路 but I was wrong to take the opposite direction. As a result I have to go around the city before go to this Beining park. Though it takes only 4 bus stops only if I took the right direction.

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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 瓷房子 Ci Fangzi (China House / Porcelain House)

August 22nd, 2011 1 comment

Summer season is finally over. Now we enter fall season, one of the best season in China besides spring season. Right now the temperature here is about 28-29 degrees. Not too cold and not too hot. So it’s really the right time to travel arround. Today i go take a walk in Tianjin again. This time i go to 滨江道 (Binjiang Dao) area. Before go shopping and take a walk in Binjiang Dao with my girlfriend, first i want to visit a place known as 瓷房子 Ci Fangzi (China Porcelain House). This place is a very unique house. Almost all components of the building were built from vases and ceramics. From my campus, i take bus 846路 and down at 复兴门 (Fuxing Men). From there i take bus 693路 and down at 山东鲁 (Shandong Lu). I got lost for a while in Shandong Lu, but after searching around i finally found the Porcelain House.

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Places of Interests and Attractions usually visited when travel to Tianjin City

August 17th, 2011 No comments

Until now, it’s already 5 months since i came and stayed in TianJin (since end of February 2011) to study Chinese (Mandarin) Language. One of my dreams to live abroad is finally achieved. What i like most by live in other country? The answer is ADVENTURE. By going abroad i can find so many new things that i can not see in Indonesia. By traveling from one place to another, i can increase my knowledge about the world. Therefore, i love so much traveling. No exception in the city where i live right now Tian Jin. Despite its size and importance as a port, Tianjin lacks the vitality of other large Chinese coastal cities. Although Tian Jin not as famous as Beijing, Hongkong, Macau, Huangshan, Xian, Guilin, Suzhou or Hangzhou, but there are also some cool places worth visiting here.

On this post, i will share my personal experience during a walk in Tian Jin. Below are some Place of Interest and Attraction in Tian Jin : Read more…

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