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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 南市食品街 Nan Shi Shipin Jie (Nanshi Food Street)

July 13th, 2011 Comments off

Two days ago my girlfriend go with her sister to Beijing.  These 2 days, i spend my time at my room playing games, reading books and relearn some Mandarin. Because i get bored in the room whole day, so i decide to go take a walk arround Tianjin today. After looked the map, i decided to go to one scenic spot called 南市食品街 Nan Shi Shipin Jie (Nanshi Food Street). From my campus, i go by MRT and get off at 二纬路‎ er wei lu. From there, i walk arround at several small park near there. There are 2 small park next to MRT station, which are 翔宇公园 (Xiangyu Park) & 南开公园 (Nankai Park). After walk arround about 30 minutes, i go to Nanshi Food Street.

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Wonderful Story : Sowing and Reaping (Winston Churcill & Alexander Flemming True Story)

July 11th, 2011 2 comments

Many people today do not believe the law of cause and effect. In Buddhism this familiar with the name of Karma, in Christianity known as sowing and reaping. Basically every human actions will cause and effect. Whether it resulted directly or indirectly. Because of distrust of modern humans at this, causing so many people today are not afraid to do something bad. This is what caused the world becomes increasingly chaotic lately. The following story is a true story about the law of cause and effect which could be a good example to illustrate how the so-called sowing and reaping.


One day a young man was walking in the woods, he suddenly heard a cry for help. Apparently he saw a young age as he was struggling with a floating sludge. The more moving even deeper he sank. The first young man had desperately wanted to give his help. With great effort the second young man’s can be saved. The first young man then take the second young man returned to his home. Read more…

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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 天津之眼幕天伦 Tianjin Zhi Yan Mu Tianlun (Tian Jin Eye), 古文花街 Guwen Huajie (Ancient Culture Street)

July 10th, 2011 4 comments

Last Week, my girlfriend’s sister came to Tianjin. Because of that, recent days i and my girlfriend take her walk arround Tianjin. Today, i go together with them walking arround to 3 beautiful places in Tianjin, which are 天津之眼幕天伦 Tianjin Zhi Yan Mu TianLun (Tian Jin Eye), 古文花街 Guwen Huajie (Ancient Culture Street) & 意大利风情 Yidali Fengqing (Italian Scenery). Honestly, i already go to all of these places before. Unfortunately it was going to rain when i went out from my dormitory. And its true, while in the bus on the way to Gu Wen Hua Jie, its was already rained. Because of rain, i decide to go Tian Jin Eye first before go to the 2 other places. Because Tian Jin Eye is the only places we can shelter from the rain. I go by bus 846路 and down at 大胡同商贸中心‎. From there i take a small vechile arround there to deliver us to 天津之眼幕天伦 (Tianjin Eye). It’s cost about 10 RMB.

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Wonderful Stories : Telephone Operator

July 3rd, 2011 No comments

As long as we live, we interact with many people. From so many people we know, there are some people that close with us, there are not so close to us. But for some people there are several person who they think is special in their eyes. As long as we live, we can make our lives more beautiful with enthusiasm, love and care from other people. The way we interact with people determines our relationship with someone. The following story is an example of a beautiful relationship between two human beings. Although they never met, but they both have a very special relationship.

When I was still a child, my father already had a telephone in our house. This was the beginning of the phone, black color, hanging on the wall, and if you want to contact the operator, we have to spin the rotary dial and have connected with another phone number. Read more…