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Travel in China (Tianjin) : 水上公园 Shui Shang Gong Yuan (Water Amusement Park)

May 21st, 2011 No comments

Today weather is not as cold a few days ago. So i think it is the right day to go for a walk. And today I return to visit the largest park in Tianjin whichis 水上 公园 Shui Shang Gong Yuan (Water Amusement Park). Actually this is my second time visiting here. Previously I’ve been here with my girlfriend, my roommate (Korean people) and 2 of his Korean friends. This time I went with two Indonesian friend and one Russian friend. In my previous visit I spent many hours in the  天津 动物园 Tianjin Dong Wu Yuan (Tian Jin Zoo), this time i spent several hours play on some attractions in its Amusement Park.

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Beijing Subway Map (MRT Map)

May 21st, 2011 No comments

Beijing Subway is the most crowded MRT i ever ride. With the biggest population in the world, no wonder that the Beijing Subway is very crowded. Even my friend said to me that if you still can look your own feet, then the Subway is still not to crowded. For me Beijing Subway is not as convenient as Singapore MRT.  The subway itself is operated by two operators,  Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corp which operates 13 lines, and the Beijing MTR Corp, a public-private joint-venture with the Hong Kong MTR, which manages the other two lines. The Beijing Subway is the first MRT that opened in Mainland, China. It first line opened in 1969, and the metro network has now grown to 15 lines.

Beijing Subway Map

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Why you are blogging?

May 15th, 2011 No comments

Make Money from Google Adsense is one of the hottest topic in the internet for the last 10 years. As we know together, the words “Make money from Google Adsense” identically with Blogging. Since blogging become popular, there are a lot of blogger who love to writing article on the internet. There are a lot of reason, why they blogging. So, why they are blogging?

That’s the common question we frequently ask for all bloggers who usually writing on blog. The most reason that people said why they are blogging are to distribute their hobby or to make money. I know there are several other reason like to promote product of business, to outporing mind, to spend free time, etc.

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How to remove NavBar (Navigation Bar) in Blogger (Blogspot)

May 5th, 2011 No comments

If you build a new blog in Blogger (Blogspot) and using original template that provided, then a Navbar Navigation will appear on the top of your blog. strong>Navbar (Navigation Bar) is a facility that originally exist in Blogger original Template. Navigation Bar is small panel that located at the top of the blog as the facility for blogger users to do several action like follow, share, report abuse a blog that created on Blogger CMS.
blogger navigation bar

But there are some bloggers will prefer cleaner interface without navigation bar on the top of their blogs. A lot of blogger template that available to download in the internet are already deactivate this navigation feature. So how to remove this navigation bar?
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Jessica Nigri – Hottest Cosplayer Girl from Comic Conventions

May 4th, 2011 1 comment

Who is Jessica Nigri? Maybe many of you doesnít know or never heard about this name. But if you follow about gaming news event every year, you would be noticed about this girl. Jessica Nigri is a famous cosplayer and known as the Hottest Cosplayer in Comic Con 2009. If you ever watch the pictures of cosplay babes in Comic Con 2009, you may have seen many of pictures of her. Sheís the blonde cute girl dressed up as Pikachu. But not like the usual Pikachu costume weíre used to seeing, Jessica Nigri wearing her own version of Pikachu costume which is very very sexy. Since then she has cosplayed many other characters from different anime and video games such as Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2, Mew from Pokemon, Dark Magician Girl from Yu Gi Oh, Yoko from Gurren Lagann, etc. Last time, Jessica Nigri once again appear on this yearís Comic Con and still looking good as ever. This time Jessica wearing a Morrigan costume from Darkstalkers.

Jessica Nigri in Morrigan Costume

Jessica's Morrigan Costume on Comic Con 2010

Famous because of Pikachu Cosplay

Before Comic Con event in 2009, no one know about Jessica Nigri. Even now if you search on Wikipedia, there will be no info about her. But her name become famous arround the world, when everybody searches on yahoo and google after her hot appearance as Pikachu in San Diego Comic Con 2009. Wearing a sexy upper and yellow mini skirt, Jessica attarcted many people on the event. Since then everybody seems curious and search more info about her. Read more…

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