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How to Place a Related Post on Your Blog

February 26th, 2010 4 comments

I’ve been so busy recent days. I’ve to prepare a lot of thing for my new website. For today i want to share you a tips. You’ll often see similar/related post in the end of my post, right? This related post is a powerful tools to make your visitor stay longer on your website. So, how to add this feature on each post of our blog? The answer is quite simple. Just use plug in. Ok… here is the installation instruction :

Installation Instructions

  1. Click PlugIns on your WordPress Admin Area.
  2. On Search Editbox type WordPress Related Post and click Search Plugins.
  3. Install it and then activate it. This will automatically add a new table to enable fast, flexible full-text matching. If the plugin reports that there was a problem creating the table first try deactivating and reactivating the plugin.
  4. Use the admin Settings|Related Posts pages to set all the available options.

That’s just it….

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The release of Shaun Stenning’s Twalk 2.0

February 15th, 2010 12 comments

Here the update of Shaun Stenning’s Twitter Cash Machine program. This week, Shaun have a plan to release 2.0 (updated version of his software). This software seems have a big changes and i will follow his webminars this thursday. Some of users joined 2.0 trial program said that they already made $129 just in few days using 2.0. Hmmm…. seems promising. Some features of the new software include the correlation of the program with our own domain. seems there will be some plugin in our wordpress, so we don’t need to log in to website anymore

Crazy Day of Greece

February 10th, 2010 3 comments

Crazy Day. Yesterday was really really crazy. Currency surge unexpectedly immediately after the news of the debt crisis in Greece. I suffer some losses yesterday on EUR/USD Trade. This is the use of stop loss in our software platform. It’s very important to limit our losses. There is a quote said “Keep your limit small, and let’s the profit grow”. Yesterday, EUR/USD move 140 pips in just 25 minutes. Really sensational movement. Usually EUR/USD need 1 day to move 140 pips. That’s why i say it’s crazy

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Stock Market Weakness. Technology & Materials lead the down

February 7th, 2010 1 comment

Index seems to hold enough from wave of selling this Friday. But the chart seems to form a pattern that has the great potential to bearsih although still possible for a rebound.

S & P 500 has to pass through support in 1030 if the Bears want to win the battle Read more…

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Oversold EUR/USD

February 5th, 2010 1 comment

Just exactly like i predicted, EUR/USD slide down again. I think the EUR/USD still on downtrend, but beware of profit taking by speculators which can cause an oversold rebound. I don’t think buy position is a good idea for this condition, but i just give some posibble scenario that can occur. Let’s see the chart

On the chart, we can see that based on fibonachi retracement, there is a possibility that EUR/USD will bounce for profit taking before continute to sink again. I still love sell position, but i think we must trade more carefully on this oversold market like this. Trade small position or play scalping is a good idea for now.

Some event to noticed today are : Non-Farm Employment Change (USD) and Unemployment Rate (USD).

EUR/USD Trend :

Long Term : Bearsih

Mid Term : Bearish

Short Term : Oversold

Happy Trading for you all.

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Dollar Soar, Stock back in trading range

February 4th, 2010 1 comment

Forex Trade

Dollar soar again yesterday. Luckly I still have short position on EUR/USD for long term. I still make a good profit yesteday, and I already covered some buy position today. It’s seem sentiment EUR/USD back to bearish mode. Some event & data I noticed to be influence the EUR/USD movement today are : Minimum Bid Rate (EUR), ECB Press Conference (EUR), Unemployment Claims (USD) and FOMC Member Hoenig Speaks (USD).

We have a support from last low @1.853 on EUR/USD. Can this support hold the downtrend wave of EUR/USD. I still prefer my last week view. Sell on any rebound on EUR/USD

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Downside Movement?

February 2nd, 2010 2 comments

US Stock Market Trade

After about 2 weeks decline, finally S&P 500 closed up yesterday. We enter February with a good start. On 2010, S&P 500 started from 1115.10 and the January close was 1073.83. So there was a 41.27-point decline. I still sense some downside movement on the market. But i’m not sure what will happen in the next few days.

Let’s see what happen on the chart. I checked my intraday chart. I’ve found a pattern like this.

It’s very interesting to see what happen today. If market down again today, it’s likely the market will continue to go down.

If it can breakout the resistance line, the story will be totally different.

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My Shaun Stenning’s Twitter Cash Machine Result after 2 months

February 1st, 2010 34 comments

My TCM (Twitter Cash Machine) that I bought from Shaun Stenning already run about 2 months until today. In my earlier posts, it shown that the results I get from TCM is pretty good. Last income I get even reach $ 451. However, during the transfer process into my Paypal, the reality was not so. My income was not even reach 1% of the total income i should get. Here, I share a little about how the actual results after 2 months of running. I do not mean to discredit or have negative views of this program. I tried as objective as possible in expressing facts about this TCM program. I still very optimistic and hope this TCM can run and grow better in the future. Read more…